Rabbit Awareness Week – The forgotten pets of Guernsey - how you can help those at the GSPCA and our welfare work

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Every year the GSPCA is called out to homes, sheds, buildings, green houses and gardens where rabbits can be found in extremely poor conditions.

In recent years the GSPCA have removed more than 60 rabbits from one address more than 30 from another and are often called to addresses where there is multiple rabbits and breeding taking place.


Did you know its Rabbit Awareness Week? Check out these great posts from our Small Animal Department Team

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Between 26th June and 3rd July 2023 Rabbit Awareness Week is being celebrated.

The GSPCA has seen a huge increase in rabbits in recent years so much so we have been having to build additional facilities for the 40+ in our care.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “This week is Rabbit Awareness Week and the Small Animal Department Team Ollie Bourgaize and Alex Solusby have been busy putting together great posts and updates to promote the many rabbits in our care and all the welfare challenges and needs we see with rabbits in Guernsey.”


Rabbit Awareness Week - Carter finds his forever home but we have 17 more in need

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On Monday Carter one of our bunnies went to his forever home during what is nationally known as Rabbit Awareness Week.

Every year the GSPCA help nearly 200 wild and domestic rabbits in Guernsey.

Carter is one of many rex rabbits that have come into the GSPCA needing a new home and had been in our care for nearly 3 months.

We currently have 17 rabbits in need and the longest stay are Liquorice and Honey who arrived in the summer last year.


Rabbit Awareness Week - 5 rabbits in need of a home at the GSPCA in Guernsey & 4 babies rescued now being hand reared

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At the GSPCA we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome between 100 and 200 rabbits every year.

Each May Rabbit Awareness Week takes place and rescues highlight the rabbits in their care, those needed homes and good practice caring for rabbits.

Often called the forgotten pet the GSPCA are often called out to rabbits in need that may have dirty cages, no fresh food and very little to do.

Rabbits are highly social animals and really need company, but it is very important to neuter and vaccinate them at the same time.


Rabbit Awareness Week - 15th -22nd September

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In the last year the GSPCA has had more rabbits come in stray, unwanted and for rehoming than any of the staff can remember.

From Saturday the GSPCA will have a rabbit display at the front of the Shelter to educate about the needs of rabbits and the fact that a hutch is not enough.

Last month saw a dramatic change in the way rabbits are kept at the Animal Shelter and these large runs are currently both on display and for sale at the GSPCA for only £185.

The GSPCA currently has a selection of rabbits that need a home and these can be seen on our website please just -