INJURED COMMON DOLHIN Please report sightings & please do not approach

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Just after 12pm today the GSPCA arrived at Guernsey harbour to an injured common dolphin accompanied by a smaller likely younger animal.

John Knight GSPCA President and local vet with a wealth of experience with exotic animals and marine mammals joined GSPCA Head of Marine Mammals Geoff George but by that time the animals had made their way out to open water.

The poorly animal seemed to have an injury to its tail or back area and was swimming with what looked like an uncomfortable posture.


GSPCA called out to help a young common dolphin and a sad update

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Yesterday morning the team at the GSPCA were called to rescue what was thought to be a dolphin or porpoise.

GSPCA Animal Ambulance at the time was Sarah Langlois who contacted Geoff George who heads up Marine Mammal care and they headed to Perelle where the poorly mammal had been spotted.

GSPCA President and Les Eturs Vet John Knight was also called to attend the scene where the team spent some time trying to refloat the poorly animal.


22 Channel Islanders come together at the GSPCA to learn to become a BDMLR Marine Mammal Medic

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From Jersey to Alderney, Vet Nurses to the Guernsey States Vet, GSPCA Volunteers and Staff, La Société Guernesiaise to Alderney Wildlife Trust, Alderney Animal Welfare Society to those interested from the Channel Islands all with a huge range of skills and backgrounds gathered in Guernsey on Saturday.

The 22 Channel Islanders all took part in the BDMLR Marine Mammal Medic course held at the GSPCA and Pembroke Bay.


Look out for Fortune the dolphin

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Yesterday the GSPCA were called as residents of Beaucette Marina were concerned about Fortune the dolphin.

The GSPCA immediately sent a rescue you team with the vet John Knight.

The team monitored Fortune who was swimming around and as the team prepared to launch a boat Fortune was last seen.

With gale force winds and the dark of night the rescue team in their wet suits spent most of the evening looking for Fortune.

The GSPCA have been up through the night and today and as yet Fortune has not been seen but we are still hopeful that Fortune is alive.


Dolphin rescue at Pembroke Bay

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Today the GSPCA were called out to rescue a dolphin stranded on Pembroke Bay that was rolling in the surf.

Geoff George Animal Collection Officer responded to the call that came in at midday and we quickly contacted local vet John Knight who has many years working with dolphins and similar species around the world to attend the scene.

The Common Dolphin was extremely tired and there was no way that the animal could be re-floated with the rough gale force weather.