Injured Kestrel and Peregrine caught in netting or is it?

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Today the GSPCA have had two calls to help injured birds of prey.

One a Peregrine Falcon in St Martins and the other a Kestrel at the Fairy Ring.

The Kestrel has been named Oberon and has an injured wing.

He was rescued earlier today by GSPCA team member Neil Hughes who attended in the GSPCA Ambulance.

Oberon has been checked over and is under treatment in our Wildlife Unit.

The Peregrine was called in this morning and GSPCA team member Kevin Beausire headed there in the GSPCA Ambulance with the caller informing us the bird was caught in netting.


Appeal for information in regards 4 peregrine falcon shown died of professional-use pesticides & GSPCA Bird of Prey update

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Statement from the States of Guernsey website -

‘The States of Guernsey results from the post-mortem and analysis of stomach contents of a fourth peregrine falcon have shown that it too died of professional-use pesticides.

States Veterinary Officer David Chamberlain and Deputy States Veterinary Officer Grace Hodgkinson have confirmed the results for the bird, which was found dead in June.


Please donate to our #GSPCACoronavirusCrisisAppeal - Millie the kestrel doing well

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Only days old on the 14th May Millie the kestrel was found in St Saviours only days only with her fluffy feathers and no parents in site.

With no nest to or parents in site and far to young to be out of the nest she was rushed to the GSPCA where she has spent a number of weeks in an intensive care unit being hand fed from early in the morning until late at night.


Maggie the very lucky oiled kestrels broken wing pinned - help donate to our much needed Wildlife Hospital

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Earlier this week a kestrel was rescued in St Martins near Magnoila Tree Café.

The very poorly bird was barely moving with her head tucked under her wing which was hanging low covered in an oily substance.

The GSPCA rushed her to Isabelle Vets who on x-raying discovered a break as well as needing specialised bathing.


Pip the Kestrel back in the wild in Guernsey

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Last month another injured kestrel was rescued in Guernsey after a very busy few months with birds of prey.

'Pip' as the female bird has been named was rescued after being found with an injured wing in the Amherst area.

Thanks to the care of the team at the GSPCA and help from local vets the bird made a quick recovery and was recently rung and after a spell in a soft release pen the door was opened and Pip is now back in the wild.


Month of the Raptors at the GSPCA

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The last few weeks have been very busy at the GSPCA with dozens of injured hedgehogs, baby birds, rabbits, but also an unusual high number of Birds of Prey.

On the 21st July Volunteer Warden Andrew Green was called out to an injured young kestrel in Kingsmill which is doing well, named 'Allardyce' and will soon be back in the wild.

On the 28th July Animal Collection Officer Geoff George was called out to the Strawberry Farm to a young kestrel with a bleeding wing which is now named 'Pokemon' and is near ready for release.


Sue the kestrel is back on Lihou after being rescued and hand reared by the GSPCA

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Three weeks ago a young kestrel was found and rescued on Lihou Island and brought into the GSPCA.

The young bird which was called Sue and since the 1st July the bird has been hand reared and then placed in a rehabilitation aviary.

Last week when Sue was checked over what was thought to be a she is in fact a he, and he was rung with an ID ring before his release.

In the last few days Sue was deemed fit enough to be returned to where he was found and we are pleased to announce that he was released back on Lihou earlier this week.


Bradshaw the kestrel is back in the wild thanks to a team effort at the GSPCA

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Earlier in the week we told you about two kestrels that were rescued recently and in the care of the team at the GSPCA.

We are pleased to report that the younger of the two called 'Bradshaw' is back in the wild where he belongs.

Rescued by GSPCA Volunteer Wardens Matt Hill-Smith and Jen Bradshaw found stunned in the road earlier this month Matt popped in yesterday to take him back to the area where he was found.

Thank fully Bradshaw wasn't injured badly and after a short period or rest and care he was fit enough to go back where he belonged.


2 kestrels rescued in 2 days in Guernsey

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Last week 2 kestrels were rescued in 2 days.

The first bird now named 'Bradshaw' after the finder who is actually one of our Volunteer Wardens was found stunned in the road and is a young adult.  He was found on Friday on Braye Road and after a few days care he is now ready for release which will be done after all the checks have been completed.

The second bird was rescued on Saturday on L'Ancresse and is a much older bird that was found coated in oil.


Peter the young kestrel rescued, reared, rung and released

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On the 26th June a very young, starving kestrel was found on a road in St Peters.

With no mother in site and traffic back and forth the bird was rescued and brought to the GSPCA in St Andrews.

He was placed in an intensive care unit and still had much of his down and not fully feathered due to his age.

Day and night he was hand fed by the team at the Shelter until he was fit enough to place in one of our rehabilitation aviaries.

Over the last few weeks he has built his strength and learnt to fly and forage for food.