Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday Giant Animal Mascot 2013 Results

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We must thank everyone that helped, took part and supported the Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday.

The day was a fantastic success with lots of family fun and enjoyment.

One of the main spectacles was the Animal Mascot Race which took place on Sunday at 1pm and this year the race included -

  • Spacehoppers
  • Sack Racing
  • Spinning Plates
  • Hula Hooping and then having to repeat on the way back

If you missed it here are the results for 2013 -

Celebrity and Charity Race

Heat 1

1st Daniel the Donkey from Island FM


Rabbits about to have a much better life thanks to a very kind lady and KPMG volunteers

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Watch this space for some very exciting news……..

After a very kind donation of £2000 the GSPCA Animal Shelter will soon havi it’s very own rabbit village.

Volunteers from KPMG have given two days of work time to come along to the GSPCA Shelter in St Andrews to help give some extra protection to 15 large rabbit hutches before they are built.

The £2000 has meant the Shelter could purchase a number of very large outdoor enclosures to give the many rabbits as well as a few other residents a much better quality of life whilst they are waiting for new homes.


Fun Dog Show and Summer Fayre on Saturday 7th July was a fantastic day but a very wet one

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On Saturday we held our Fun Dog Show and Summer Fayre.

We say summer but unfortunately the heavens opened and it rained for most of the day.  Despite the wet weather the show went ahead.

As we had to fit owners and dogs into the training room at the Shelter the decision had to be made to go from 13 classes to 1 big class which was judged by Channelonline presenter Rob Moore.

Over 50 dogs attended and Rob met each dog and chatted to all the owners.  From chihuahuas to boxers, staffies to cross breeds, there were dogs of all shapes and sizes.