APPEAL FOR INFORMATION - Gull dies after being stoned at Vazon

Submitted by Steve on 10:42, 11th Jul, 2016 | 0

On Saturday afternoon the GSPCA were called out to attend a very serious incident of an injured herring gull at Vazon.

The bird was being cared for by two teenagers who had spotted at a distance two similar aged male teenagers around 14 years throwing stones at the gull.

GSPCA Volunteer Ambulance Warden Michelle Champion attended to rescue the badly injured bird and the team were horrified to find the extent of the injury sustained to the animal.


Gull training for GSPCA staff and volunteers - Thank you to Paul Veron

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Today Shelter staff and volunteers had the pleasure of a local expert in Gulls give a talk on their movements, the tracking of them and their behaviour.

Paul Veron who has been ringing birds since 1976 and has rung over 53,000 himself since starting has a wealth of knowledge that he shared with the GSPCA team before they started their work.

Paul talked primarily about the movements and ringing work of the Herring Gull, Black Back Gull and Lesser Back Gull all of which breed around the Bailiwick.