GSPCA team can’t understand why the owner of a stray Senegal Parrot hasn’t come forward

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Today marks 5 and a half weeks since a stray parrot was found and rescued in Vazon.

The very friendly adult Senegal Parrot arrived on the 25th June after being rescued by a member of the public and the GSPCA team are really shocked that an owner hasn’t come forward.

We are appealing for any information if you think you know the owner or if they are your birds please call the GSPCA on 257261.


40 year old Charlie the cockatoo off to his forever home

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On Friday the team waved Charlie the cockatoo off to his new home.

Beckie Bailey GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “We all adored our Charlie the cockatoo who went to his new forever home on Friday.”

“I had to give him a goodbye kiss before he went and he actually jumped on my shoulder today which was so sweet before he left.”

“We have lots of other birds looking for homes such as cockatiels in an outside aviary to a cockerel and Sparky the Amazon parrot.”

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “It was lovely to see Charlie off to his new home on Friday.”


Jasper the parrot says 'I don't want to go to work' but he does need a new home in Guernsey - check out the video

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Jasper is an Amazon parrot in need of a new home at the GSPCA Animal Shelter.

The Shelter currently has dozens of pet birds in need of homes and Japser is one of the cheekiest.

Jasper can say a few things with his favourite phrase being 'I do't want to go to work!'.

Staff think he's a fantastic bird and we have potential homes interested but if you would like to know more please do get in touch.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said "Jasper is a really lovely bird and very chatty so needs a special home that doesn't mind all the noise and talking."