Canaries life saved from the snow and ice safe at the GSPCA with his owner on the way

Submitted by Steve on 16:22, 1st Mar, 2018 | 0

This morning we reported a stray canary that had been seen as a stray in the snow.

The stray canary had been seen this morning in a garden near Princess Royal Centre at Les Ozouet.

Only an hour ago the brird flew into a home near Melodonia on Route de la Houge de Pommier,.

Geoff George GSPCA Animal Collection Officer braved the snow and caught the bird which is now at the GSPCA and we are delighted to report we have found the owner who is on her way.

Helen Holmes GSPCA Admin Manager said "I've just taken the call and the owner is on her way."


Feathered friends in need of homes at the GSPCA

Submitted by Steve on 23:04, 18th Oct, 2017 | 0

At the GSPCA we currently have over 100 domestic birds in our care many of which are ready and looking for loving new homes.

Most are aviary birds and range from quail and finches to a large selection of parakeets.

With just one mixed outdoor aviary housing 60+ small finches and quail, another aviary with nearly 20 cockatiels and a selection of other birds indoors looking for good homes at the GSPCA we have a real selection needing loving new owners.