Happy 151st year today to the GSPCA, could you donate to help us celebrate & are you getting involved with #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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Today the GSPCA celebrates 151 years since being founded.


Join in with GSPCA Purple Week 9th to 16th February celebrating 150 years moving into our 151st year

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#GSPCAPurpleWeek is a time to celebrate the last part of our 150 year history of the Animal Shelter and the work of the GSPCA.  


Purple flowers sprouting at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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All this week the GSPCA and islanders have been celebrating 149 years during our #GSPCAPurpleWeek

Even the flowers are celebrating as bulbs on site bloom in purple.

To make a donation you can go to https://giving.gg/donate/charity/2/Guernsey-Society-for-the-Prevention-of-Cruelty-to-Animals-(GSPCA)

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Its been a fantastic week celebrating 149 years of the GSPCA with our #GSPCAPurpleWeek.”


Stow away gecko furthest travelled hitch hiker arrives in #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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On Sunday morning the GSPCA received a very unusual little arrival.

For 149 years we have been helping animals and some from far further than our shores.

In 2020 just before the first lock down an Indian gecko arrived having stowed away in a bag from India who was named Mr Patel and went into a new home after following quarantine procedures.

On Sunday we had an arrival that travelled even further. A family on their return to Guernsey while unpacking discovered a tiny little Pacific gecko who had journeyed well over 8000km.


#GSPCAPurpleWeek Celebrate with us 149 years – Huge thanks to the staff at MJ Hudson

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The GSPCA would like to say a huge thanks to the staff at MJ Hudson who had a very impressive cake sale in aid of the GSPCA.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “What a fantastic cake sale staff at MJ Hudson held recently in aid of us at the GSPCA.”

“The cake looked amazing and they raised an incredible £190.”


#GSPCAPurpleWeek Celebrate with us 149 years Pedro the oiled puffin rescued on Lihou

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On Wednesday 9th February an oiled puffin was rescued on Lihou.

The very poorly bird is currently recovering in the GSPCA Wildlife room.

The GSPCA are currently fund raising for a new Wildlife Hospital and to buy a brick or support this build go to – http://www.gspca.org.gg/blog/exciting-news-gspca-relaunch-wildlife-hospital-appeal-can-you-help-future-bailiwicks-wildlife


Help us celebrate 149 years for #GSPCAPurpleWeek 11th to 18th February

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#GSPCAPurpleWeek is a time to celebrate the long history of the Animal Shelter and the work of the GSPCA.


Last day of #GSPCAPurpleWeek and looking to the future during these difficult days

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Today is that last day of #GSPCAPurpleWeek celebrating 148 years of caring for animals in Guernsey.


UPDATE on Dave the winter duckling #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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It is rare to see ducklings at this time of year in Guernsey but on the 12th February Dave the duckling was found as an orphan in a St Sampsons garden.

Beckie Bailey GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “Dave is growing up very quickly, so today we are going to up grade his ‘pond’, which basically means Dave will have a slightly bigger bowl) in his ICU.”

“The donated towel seems to be very relevant to Dave’s surprise of a bigger pond, he will be a swimming pro soon!!.”


Record breaking year for hedgehogs and Intensive Care Unit Appeal #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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2019 the GSPCA saw a record breaking 618 hedgehogs come through the doors and 2020 was even bigger with an amazing 729 hedgehogs.

Despite lockdown the GSPCA has been incredibly busy and especially with 25 hedgehogs in since 1st January with 141 currently in our care.

Due to the huge numbers and many extremely sick hedgehogs we are in desperate need of additional Intensive Care Units which cost £600 each, but really help save lives.

As we celebrate 148 years this week with our #GSPCAPurpleWeek could you help us help hedgehogs in Guernsey.