GSPCA APPEAL FOR INFORMATION - Bucket of up to 30 dead chicks found in a St Martins public car park

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The GSPCA are appealing for witnesses after a bucket containing up to 30 dead chicks was found in a public car park in St Martins.

It is unclear as to whether the chicks were dead or alive when they were left in the area.

GSPCA Welfare Manager Lorna Prince said "the disposal of any life in such a way is disgusting”

“It is not clear if the birds were privately owned or whether a member of the public had taken it upon themselves to dispose of feral chicks in the area.”

“Regardless of their origin disposing of them in such a heartless manner is repugnant."


Appeal for information - 32 Budgies Stolen

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It has been reported to the GSPCA that in the last few days 32 budgies have stolen.

The GSPCA is asking if anyone has any information to please get in touch with the police as soon as possible.

Many of the birds were bred by the owner and he is understandably very upset.  As well as the birds some seed also went missing and if anyone saw anything suspicious in the Bailiffs Cross Road area or knows of anyone with an influx of these pretty caged birds you can contact the police on 725111.


Concern As Reports Of People Posing As GSPCA Welfare Staff

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We have reason to believe that people are posing as GSPCA welfare staff, visiting members of the public in their homes and threatening to take their animals away.

In the last week we have had 5 extremely distressed owners complaining that people from the Animal Shelter have been banging on their doors at very unsociable hours threatening to take their animals away.

This is very serious as we are a professional organisation and do not operate in this way.


All we want for Christmas is a Charity Shop

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After a tremendous response to an appeal for bric-a-brac for our Christmas Fayre we held this weekend the GSPCA is now appealing for help to open a Charity Shop for the Animal Shelter.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager and two volunteers have been looking at premises around the island to open a shop to raise funds for the Shelter and the welfare work that we do.


Cat caught in illegal snare

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Cat caught in illegal snare - GSPCA GuernseyA very traumatised owner had to remove a snare from her pet cat this week.


Appeal for information after someone cruelly dumps a hamster in St Peter Port

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The GSPCA is appealing for any information after a gorgeous white syrian hamster was left abandoned in a plastic bag in Church Square on Wednesday 2nd November.

The GSPCA were alerted by concerned staff at the Paper Box’ after a cleaner had found the animal left in a small cage tied up in a carrier bag with no food or water. 

The hamster, who has been named Hobo, is being cared for by staff at the GSPCA until a new home can be found for her.