GSPCA team devastated as Seal sadly passes away

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Yesterday despite around the clock care Seal the Common Seal Pup sadly passed away at the GSPCA.

At only 7.2 kgs the emaciated pup with multiple health problems including seizures that was found at Chouet was so weak that the team were unable to save Seal and all are extremely saddened with the death of the poorly seal pup.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “All of the GSPCA team are devasted of the loss of Seal the common Seal Pup that was rescued at Chouet on Wednesday.”


A sad day as Achilles the grey seal pup doesn't make it through his operation

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We are sad to report that despite keeping Achilles the grey seal pup alive since he was rescued on Saturday he sadly passed away during his operation earlier today.

Achilles had a number of ailments and injuries and required an operation and after two days of intensive care he was taken to the vets earlier today, sadly he didn't make it through the procedure.

All of the team and those involved did everything they could to help the rescued seal pup and all the team have been upset that we weren't able to save him.


Injured grey seal pup rescued at Petit Bot now at the GSPCA

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At 7.45am this morning the GSPCA emergency number was called to an injured grey seal pup at Petit Bot.

GSPCA Volunteer Wardens Paul Duchemin and Neil Turner attended the scene were they were faced with a young male seal pup with a very nasty open injury to its back, weak and thin.

The pup was rescued and brought directly to the GSPCA Animal Shelter in St Andrews were it was been thoroughly checked over by local vet and GSPCA President John Knight and Animal Collection Officer and Marine Medic Geoff George.


White coat grey seal pup rescued by Alderney Animal Welfare Society now at the GSPCA intensive care seal room

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This afternoon the GSPCA received a call about a Grey Seal Pup from Alderney.

Alderney Animal Welfare Society called after a white coat seal pup had been spotted over the past two days with no mother in site.


A very sad day at the GSPCA as despite around the clock care the weakest ever rescued seal pup passes away in the early hours

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The team at the GSPCA have been devastated this morning as despite around the clock care 'Rio' the common seal pup rescued last week passed away in the early hours of this morning.

Rio was the thinnest ever seal pup to be rescued at the GSPCA and was extremely weak, dehydrated and had a number of injuries when she arrived last week.  Staff have been battling to keep her alive and build her strength in an isolated intensive care heated seal room.


Rio the Common Seal Pup survives her first night at the GSPCA

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Rio the Common or also known as Harbour Seal Pup has made it through her first night although is still extremely thin and weak.

Named Rio by the team at the Animal Shelter the young seal pup was rescued yesterday by Alderney Wildlife Trust and first taken to Alderney Animal Welfare Society where it was treated by Vet John Knight before being transported to Guernsey.

At only 9kg she is the thinnest seal pup to be taken in at the GSPCA and first Common Seal to be seen in a very long time.


Injured Common Seal Pup found in Alderney on route to the GSPCA in Guernsey thanks to those involved

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Currently on route is an injured and sick young Common Seal Pup from Alderney.

It was found and rescued by Alderney Wildlife Trust and taken to Alderney Animal Welfare Society where it was checked over and treated by Vet John Knight.

Although very rare for the Common Seal to be seen in the Channel Islands, this is the second to be rescued in a week as one was recently found sick in Jersey and was transported to the RSPCA in the UK.

This pup will shortly be on route to the GSPCA to continue the treatment the vet has started.