Dumped Guinea Pigs at the GSPCA

Submitted by Steve on 11:37, 23rd Mar, 2020 | 0

On Friday two guinea pigs were dumped at the GSPCA.

In these challenging days the GSPCA like all of our community are experiencing a broad range of unique circumstances.

One of the biggest like with many charities and businesses is the dramatic change in income from donations and boarding and we appeal for your support during these difficult times.

To donate to the animals in our care please visit - www.paypal.me/DonateGSPCA    


The 7 dumped Guinea Pigs found in St Martins will be multiplying soon

Submitted by GSPCA on 16:02, 29th Nov, 2012 | 0

After a check over today the GSPCA can confirm that at least one of the 3 female guinea pigs that were found in the same box as 4 males in St Martins earlier this week is pregnant.

We currently have a total of 14 adult guinea pigs at the GSPCA and will have many more in the next month or so.

The gestation period of guinea pigs is approximately 2 months and they often have 3 to 5 offspring which are called pups.  For the vet to identify that at least one is pregnant then she is likely to be at least 5 weeks and due very soon.


7 guinea pigs dumped in St Martins today are now safe and dry at the GSPCA

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Today 7 guinea pigs were found abandoned outside St Martins Church.

All quite young the 7 guinea pigs were found in a very dirty blue box.

This is the second group of guinea pigs that have been found abandoned inn Guernsey in the last month.  Thankfully both groups were found and were brought into the Shelter but the GSPCA would urge anyone that needs to rehome their pets and not to dump them as it puts them at risk.