GSPCA New Lost and Found page

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The GSPCA deals with thousands of lost and found reports of animals every year.

To help those that have lost or found a pet the GSPCA now have a page dedicated to many of the contacts and advice you may need.

The page includes links to web sites, useful telephone numbers and advice on what to do.

To see this page and all the advice please go to -


GSPCA Working to Help Educate Pet Traders and Pet Owners

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The GSPCA is currently planning to approach various Pet Shops throughout the Island to see if working together could better the welfare of the animals sold in Pet Shops and help with general concerns from the public.  The welfare of animals within Pet Shops has always been a concern at the GSPCA and so the opportunity to work along side a responsible Pet Shops is a fantastic opportunity.


‘Micro’ or ‘Mini’ Pigs – their suitability as pets.

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 The GSPCA is becoming increasingly concerned about the number of ‘pet’ pigs that are being brought into Guernsey. These so called ‘Micro’ or ‘Mini’ pigs are often advertised as cute little pets that are easy to look after. Sadly however they have very specific welfare needs and as such their suitability as household pets must come into question. Celebrities such as David Beckham, Paris Hilton and Katie Price have all received these animals as presents and they have now become a much desired fashion accessory.


Tinsel home at last!!

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I then got the message I was waiting for, that I could re home her, so opted to collect her at the weekend.  In preparation I bought some wood and made her some perches and also found out that turkey’s love to perch on straw bales.  So, me being me of course had to get her one of those!  Many phone calls later I managed to locate some for sale, and I have to say that squashing it into my Smart car was quite an amusing experience.  So there I was, ready for her arrival and generally annoying people by telling anyone who’d listen how excited I was to be getting her!


A Turkey's for life not just for Christmas

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A couple of weeks before Christmas, a turkey hen which had been sighted wondering about on a few previous occasions, was finally captured by a GSPCA staff member.  She was placed in a large outdoor aviary at the shelter in order that she be safe, and be able to rest and recuperate.  She did not have a leg ring and therefore it was not possible to trace her owner, and no one came forward to claim her.  What with it being just before Christmas, there was no intention to re home her in case the new owner’s intentions were not altogether honourable!