50 years on the team at the GSPCA remember the Supertanker Torrey Canyon and all the wildlife affected

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On the 18th March 1967 Supertanker Torrey Canyon ran aground on rocks between Land's End and the Scilly Isles and leaked its cargo of oil into the sea.

The 974-ft (297m) tanker, which was carrying a cargo of 119,328 tonnes of crude oil, hit Pollard's Rock in the Seven Stones reef. The oil patch was believed to be the biggest ever to threaten the West Country coastline and the Channel Islands.

There were fears that the supertanker could catch fire or break-up in heavy seas.


A wonderful happy ending for two very lucky birds - Olive and Barrus back in the wild

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We are pleased to announce that this weekend two wonderful birds were released back into the wild.

Olive a young kestrel who was rescued from Torrey Canyon covered in oil has finally got her new feathers through and back to full health after 12 weeks of rehabilitation at the GSPCA Animal Shelter so was able to be released back into the wild. 

Shelter staff Yvonne Chauvel and Eddie Higgins had the privilege to release her this weekend and were over joyed to do so.


Swimmer the Manx Shearwater on the road to recovery to hopefully continue the winter journey to South America soon

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This GSPCA had a call on Saturday to help a bird in need.

Often mistaken for penguins this Manx Shearwater was spotted in St Sampsons harbor in distress.

An ambulance driver was dispatched to the scene and was forced to enter the water to catch this very ill little bird.

The caller thought the poor bird was caught in fish netting but during the rescue it became apparent that the Shearwater was very lethargic and thin.

Ambulance Driver and Animal Care Assistant Eddie Higgins managed to rescue the bird that Shelter staff have named Swimmer.


Torrey Canyon affects another bird - Olive the young kestrel is on the road to recovery

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Yesterday morning we were brought in another bird affected by the Torrey Canyon.

There are a number of birds nesting around Chouet and yesterday morning a caring member of public found a young kestrel with oiled feathers.

Olive as she is now named is at the Shelter, seen the vet and made it through the night which is a good sign but she has a long road to recovery.


Adele the Grebe from Torrey Canyon released back to the wild

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Adele the Grebe from Torrey Canyon released back to the wild GuernseyOn The 21st February a Great Crested Grebe was rescued from the Torrey Canyon after being found covered in oil.