Huge thanks to staff from BNP Paribas helping out at the GSPCA just before Christmas

Submitted by Steve on 17:38, 28th Dec, 2023 | 0

On Friday 8th December 2 staff gave up a day in the office to help out at the GSPCA.

Sharon williams from BNP Paribus said “I really enjoyed my day volunteering at the GSPCA.”

“I got to walk some of the dogs and socialising some of the cats looking to be re-homed.”

“What a great way to spend the day - it beats writing minutes!!!!”

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “On Friday 8th December 2 wonderful staff from BNP Paribas helped out at the GSPCA.”


Huge thanks to the fantastic BNP Paribas team helping out at the GSPCA

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Thursday 15th June a team of staff from BNP Paribas spent a day volunteering at the GSPCA.

8 BNP Paribas staff arrived at 9am to be greeted by Tim Pellett the GSPCA Training and Community Officer.

They started with a lovely picture at the front of the Animal Shelter before they began a day of helping around site doing a huge amount.

Through the day they learnt about much of our work and met many of the team and finished with a tour of the site to see the many animals and much of our work.