PLEASE DO NOT GO OUT LOOKING FOR DORA as the GSPCA have a good idea where she is and has a plan in place

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We are pleased to announce we have a good idea where Dora is sleeping and the area she is in and a member of the team has videoed her from a safe distance and we are putting a plan in place which includes helping the owner with a trap and camera.

It is really important not to scare her from this area so please DO NOT go out in search of her. If you do see her please stay well back and call us immediately on 01481 257261 and choose the emergency number.

She is very timid and nervous of other dogs and won’t come for food or toys.


STILL MISSING Dora Lost medium sized grey cross breed dog LAST POSSIBLE SIGHTING Footes Lane to the Rohais

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On Thursday last week a medium sized grey cross breed dog called Dora went missing in the Amherst School area wearing a blue vest.

We are appealing for sightings of Dora to be reported to the GSPCA by calling 257261.

Please DO NOT chase the dog as you may scare her from the area but instead report the sighting immediately.

Dora’s travels to date -

Thursday/Friday – Amherst School / Fosse Andre / Grammar School / St Pierre Park

Weekend/Monday – Donkey Hill / near GSPCA / Talbot Valley

Tuesday – Footes Lane / St Pierre Park


Stray dog Molly is very shy around the Ladies Bay area - All sightings please call 07781 417515

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Currently a very shy dog is loose around the Ladies Bay area.

Molly a 7 year old black and tan cross breed went missing when out on a walk Tuesday morning.

The owners have been out day and night in search of Molly and have asked us to share her details in case you see her.

Molly has recently had a groom and trim and is wearing a red collar with cream paw prints with a tag with the owners details.

Molly is a rescue dog and very shy so unlikely to approach strangers.


You can now report your lost pet online at the GSPCA 24/7

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At the GSPCA we help thousands of lost and found pets every year.

Each year 200 dogs stray are rescued and brought into the GSPCA, and over 500 cats that are stray or involved in an accident, not to mention everything from parrots to tortoise, snakes to hamsters and many more.

To help speed up the process of reporting your pet lost and so that you can now report the your pet missing 24 hours 7 days a week you can now complete a lost report online which automatically goes onto our system.


MISSING BEAGLE X - St Martins area

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Yesterday a family were out walking their new rescue beagle cross who managed to escape with a flexi lead attached.

Jessie is an 8 year old, white and brindle female and is wearing a Dogs Trust yellow collar.

She is a very nervous rescue dog and was last seen on Tuesday 28th April at 3pm at St Martins church graveyard.

If you spot 'Jessie' then please call the GSPCA on 257261 as soon as possible.