A fond farewell to Inez after 13 fantastic years at the GSPCA - we will all miss her

Submitted by Steve on 11:21, 23rd Mar, 2016 | 0

After 13 years at the GSPCA the team waved Inez Rawcliffe a fond farewell into her retirement on Monday.

Inez who has primarily worked in the Boarding Cat Department has helped all around the GSPCA and has been a fantastic member of the team.

Inez has worked 3 mornings on 3 off opposite Collette Pattimore and has always been a caring and wonderful GSPCA Animal Care Assistant and will be sorely missed.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "Inez has been a real rock for us here at the GSPCA always reliable, caring and hard working and we will all miss her greatly."