Please donate to Ellies life saving operation and care at the GSPCA

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Ellie is a very loving and sweet 8 year old Cocker Spaniel.

She arrived in the autumn at the GSPCA after her owner sadly passed away and has been treated for a mouth infection and some other ailments.

Once she was feeling much better she was booked in to be spayed which took place last week.

Sadly during Ellie’s operation a very large mass was discovered on her spleen and Ellie has had to have emergency surgery.


Can you help Monkey the diabetic cat - APPEAL for a poorly cat

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At the end of May a lovely 9 year old cat came into the GSPCA after her owner could no longer care for her.

Sadly 'Monkey' as she is called has diabetes and needs a specialist diet and injections twice a day.

We have seen many diabetic cats at the GSPCA over the years and the most famous of all is Mr Chips a big silver tabby who is doing very well in his home as we still get regular updates from them.

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant said "We have to monitor Monkey regularly and ensure she has a special food, but she is adorable"


Stray cat Rubis isn't over the worst yet and needs your help

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Last month Rubis an entire black and white stray cat was handed into the GSPCA.

Full of cuts and bites this very affectionate cat that had no chip or collar came in with a number of injuries.

Inline with the 2012 legislation every stray animal including cats have to be held for 21 days whilst we try and find their owner.

Sadly with no microchip, collar or anyone coming forward for Rubis he hasn't been claimed.

During his time at the Shelter we have found that Rubis with his lovely friendly nature and his wounds now healed has other health issues.


Trio & Trouble 2 cats need your help with their operations at the GSPCA in Guernsey

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The GSPCA rehomes hundreds of cats every year and help thousands more.

Sadly many of the strays and those no longer being able to be cared for by their owners come in with health problems.

Currently we have two stunning cats in need of operations.

Trio who has gone through a number of medical treatments and a very difficult start to her 2 years of life has half a back right leg which needs operating on further.

She is one of the teams favourites but before we can rehome her we have to ensure she ready and healthy.


Robin needs his Batman - Appeal for a cat needing a major operation at the GSPCA

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Robin is a male adult stray cat that came in extremely thin with multiple health problems.

When first found he even smelt as though he had been living out of a bin for some time.

With no owner found, Robin who has a lovely nature is in desperate need for your help and requires major surgery on his head to remove growths from both ears.

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant said 'Robin is adorable and has been through a lot already and we now need help to get his ears operated on.'


Nouska's check up went well today at the vets

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Today Nouska popped along to the vets for a check up and although we don't have the results of what the lump was yet the vet is pleased with how the operation scar is healing.

Nouska is doing well in himself and we are extremely grateful to everyone that has donated to his appeal.


If you would like to donate to Nouska the Husky's operation and the other animals in need please call 01481 257261, pop into the Shelter in St Andrews or click on the Paypal link below and reference 'Nouska's Appeal'


Nouska back home at the GSPCA after his operation

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After an operation to remove a lump from his throat and an overnight stay Nouska the Husky is back at the Animal Shelter and doing well.

The lump which was found after Nouska was signed over to the Shelter has now been removed and he is on pain relief, antibiotics and a special food to help his recovery.

We have sent the lump away to be diagnosed and will hopefully no longer cause Nouska and more issues.


Good Luck to Nouska the Husky who is having his operation today

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This morning we are wishing Nouska the Husky the best of luck with his operation to remove a cancerous lump.

Nouska who has a lump in his chest is off to the vets today to have it removed.

We are so thankful to everyone that has donated towards him.

All the team at the GSPCA will be thinking of him today and we are all hopeful for a successful operation.



Thanks to everyone who has donated to Nouska's operation so far which is happening this Wednesday

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We would like to thank everyone that has donated towards Nouska the Husky's operation so far.

Nouskas is going for his operation on Wednesday and we are all keeping our fingers crossed for this lovely lad.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We are so grateful to everyone that has donated towards Nouska's operation.'

'It is estimated that it will cost over £1000 with everything and we can announce that since last Wednesday the full estimated amount has been raised and thank everyone for their support.'


Nouska needs your help - A husky needs an operation to remove a cancerous lump

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Nouska is an older husky that has found his way to the GSPCA Animal Shelter and it has developed that he has a cancerous growth in his chest.

To help save Nouska and lengthen his life next Wednesday he is having an operation to remove the lump.

With any operation there is both a risk and a cost but the vets and the team at the GSPCA feel that despite Nouska being over 10 years old he has a lot of life and love to give.