Second Volunteer Induction of 2019 630pm Monday 4th February all welcome

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With the first volunteer induction of 2019 welcoming 21 new volunteers the second takes place five days ahead of GSPCA Purple Week.

Monday 4th February all are welcome to attend the 2nd volunteer induction evening of 2019 which starts at 630pm

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "We had a fantastic first induction night and inducted 21 new volunteers all wanting to help out at the GSPCA."


Thank you & Welcome to the 14 New Volunteers that attended our Volunteer Induction last night – next 630pm Mon 1st October

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Last night we held our tenth volunteer induction of 2018 and welcomed 14 new volunteers taking the 2018 total to 132 new volunteers, placements and work experience since the start of the year inducted during these events.


KPMG a fantastic help at the GSPCA

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This month once again at the GSPCA we were lucky enough to have help from KPMG staff.

The team of 13 on the 9th August and the team of 8 on the 16th August staff from KPMG arrived at 9am where they were greeted by Tim Pellet the GSPCA Community and Training Officer and after a short induction were set to work around the site at the GSPCA.


Youngest volunteers to start at the GSPCA this weekend after 18 new volunteers join at the last induction of 2016

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Last night the GSPCA held the last volunteer induction of 2016 and for the first time welcomed volunteers at the age of 13 who can now help with animal care on site.

After a review of risk assessments, forms and our insurance we are proud to announce that volunteers from the age of 13 can now help on site at the GSPCA after completing a volunteer induction and forms.

With over 200 new volunteers inducted during 2016 we have had a huge array of helpers assisting us from those that have helped with one off events to those that help several days a week.


BREAKING NEWS - Volunteer age lowered to 13 years to help at the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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For many years volunteering to help at the GSPCA with the animals has been a minimum of 14 years of age.

This has meant volunteers like Molly pictured above as she is below 14 has only been able to help with the many events and fund raisers we hold.

After discussions with our insurance company, a review of our risk assessments and procedures we are pleased to announce that volunteers of 13 years can now help.