EXCITING NEWS GSPCA Relaunch the Wildlife Hospital Appeal can you help the future of the Bailiwicks wildlife

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In February 2019 the States of Guernsey Planning Department gave the approval for the plans for the proposed new Wildlife Hospital at the GSPCA, but sadly due to covid and the global pandemic the project was put on hold.

Nearly 3 years later the GSPCA are once again looking to the future for this much needed facility which is planned to replace a number of old buildings some which date back to the 1940’s.


Please donate to our #GSPCACoronavirusCrisisAppeal - Millie the kestrel doing well

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Only days old on the 14th May Millie the kestrel was found in St Saviours only days only with her fluffy feathers and no parents in site.

With no nest to or parents in site and far to young to be out of the nest she was rushed to the GSPCA where she has spent a number of weeks in an intensive care unit being hand fed from early in the morning until late at night.


HAPPY NEWS – Andrew doing well and soon to have a new friend

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We are pleased to say that Andrew the Jersey grey seal pup rescued over a year ago is nearly ready for the wild but we have one last step to go.

We are hoping when Pebbles the seal pup is ready to introduce them both so they can be released together.

Sadly due to the Coronavirus restrictions it is highly unlikely that we will be able to take a boat to Jersey to release Andrew where he was from with the social distancing rules in both islands.


HAPPY NEWS – Pebble the seal pup moves out into the Spring sunshine

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On the 13th February the GSPCA team were called out to a very poorly seal pup we named Pebbles and we have some great news as she is doing extremely well.

We were all so worried for her when she first arrived and she required around the clock intensive care, but each day she has improved and this week she got her first taste of the outdoors since arriving.

At only 2-3 months of age she is now eating fish well and we are all so pleased with her progress.


Celebrate #WorldWildlifeDay by supporting our Wildlife Hospital Appeal & Wildlife in our care

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Today is #WorldWildlifeDay and with over 2000 wild animals through the GSPCA doors every year we need your support with our proposed new Wildlife Hospital and wildlife in our care.

It’s really easy to donate by going to www.paypal.me/DonateGSPCA   

The much needed facility is planned to replace a number of old buildings some which date back to the 1940’s.

Last year the GSPCA received initial planning for the much needed facility and we continue to fundraise for the facility and work on the plans.


Extremely oiled bird found at Saints Bay please watch out for others around the Guernsey coast

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Earlier today a guillemot was rescued at Saints Bay completely covered in what appeared fresh oil.

From head to toe the birds body was completely soaked in the oil and the GSPCA rushed the bird to the vets where sadly they were unable to help the bird.

The GSPCA are asking islanders to be on the look out for other birds that may be affected from oil as it is rare for just one bird to found on the coast with such fresh oil.

Each winter especially after stormy weather the GSPCA often help oiled birds and the team are hoping this is just an isolated case.


4th seal pup rescued and now in the care of the GSPCA

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Yesterday afternoon the GSPCA rescued a 4th grey seal pup.

The very poorly pup was spotted just behind the pond on Route de Pulias, often called the Smelly Pond.

The GSPCA Volunteer Warden was the first to arrive on the scene before other GSPCA team members arrived to help the sick seal pup.

With 3 seal pups already in the care of the GSPCA, the team had to prepare for the 4th pup whilst ‘Sealia’ as she has been called was being rescued on the North West of Guernsey.


Sue the kestrel is back on Lihou after being rescued and hand reared by the GSPCA

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Three weeks ago a young kestrel was found and rescued on Lihou Island and brought into the GSPCA.

The young bird which was called Sue and since the 1st July the bird has been hand reared and then placed in a rehabilitation aviary.

Last week when Sue was checked over what was thought to be a she is in fact a he, and he was rung with an ID ring before his release.

In the last few days Sue was deemed fit enough to be returned to where he was found and we are pleased to announce that he was released back on Lihou earlier this week.


Baby Barn Owl Archimedes is back in the wild after 6 weeks of hand rearing

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After 6 weeks of hand rearing and rehabilitation baby Barn Owl Archimedes who was close to death on entry was returned to the wild this weekend.

The young bird was severely thin and very close to loosing his life and was found near to Candie Gardens very early in the morning in early June.

Thankfully with the skills of the team at the GSPCA and an intensive care unit the young bird survived his first week and as he improved we weaned him to eat himself and then placed in an aviary to see how he fed on his own.


Archimedes a baby Barn Owl rescued close to death last week and now eating on his own at the GSPCA

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Last week one of the GSPCA Volunteer Night Wardens were called out to rescue a very sick, weak and starving baby barn owl in St Peter Port.

The young bird was severely thin and very close to loosing his life and was found near to Candie Gardens very early on Thursday morning.

Thankfully with the skills of the team at the GSPCA and an intensive care unit the young bird has survived his first week and today started to eat on his own.

After a period inside we plan to transfer him to an outside aviary where he will learn to fly and forage for food.