Teppy the Tegu reunited with owner

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On Friday afternoon the GSPCA were called out to an extremely large lizard which was identified as a tegu.

Here is the original story - https://www.gspca.org.gg/blog/extremely-large-lizard-found-stray-now-gspca

We are pleased to announce that the tegu is now safely back with its owner


Extremely large lizard found stray now at the GSPCA

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This evening the GSPCA was called out to what was reported as an extremely large lizard.

As we were unsure what to expect both Rescue Officers Geoff George and Neil Hughes attended the scene to discover what is indeed an extremely large lizard.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Around 430pm this afternoon we had an emergency call at the GSPCA to what was reported as an extremely large lizard.”

“Rescue Officers Geoff George and Neil Hughes both attended and were very surprised to what they found.”


Charlie the Senegal Parrot reunited after being missing for 7 years

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Over 6 weeks ago a Senegal Parrot was found in Vazon.

The very friendly adult Senegal Parrot arrived on the 25th June after being rescued by a member of the public and the GSPCA team were really shocked that an owner hadn’t come forward so we did a big appeal last week.

What happened next was a real surprise as an owner did come forward but she had reported her Charlie the Senegal Parrot missing in October 2015.


GSPCA team can’t understand why the owner of a stray Senegal Parrot hasn’t come forward

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Today marks 5 and a half weeks since a stray parrot was found and rescued in Vazon.

The very friendly adult Senegal Parrot arrived on the 25th June after being rescued by a member of the public and the GSPCA team are really shocked that an owner hasn’t come forward.

We are appealing for any information if you think you know the owner or if they are your birds please call the GSPCA on 257261.


Found birds - 4 stray birds at the GSPCA rescued in Guernsey

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It currently seems very busy with stray pet birds and we currently have 4 that we are appealing for owners to come forward.

We have a green budgie found at Courtil Olliver, Castel now called Olliver on the 22nd June, the 23rd June another green budgie rescued on Rectory Hill now called Rupert, a canary found on the 8th June on Nocq Road we have called Tweetie and a Senegal parrot who does all sorts of tricks was rescued at Vazon which we have called him Vazon.


Dora Lost medium sized grey cross breed dog in the Amherst School area wearing a blue vest

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Yesterday a medium sized grey cross breed dog called Dora went missing in the Amherst School area wearing a blue vest.

We are appealing for sightings of Dora to be reported to the GSPCA by calling 257261.

Please do not chase the dog as you may scare her from the area but instead report the sighting immediately.

Gilly McClean GSPCA Receptionist said “Yesterday we had a report of a mixed-breed, medium sized dog missing from the Amherst School area called Dora.”

“She is brown and grey in colour and wearing a blue vest.”


Stray corn snake found on Vale Road

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On Sunday 27th June a stray corn snalke was found on Vale Road.

The reptile is safe and well at the GSPCA where we are appealing for the owner to come forward.

The GSPCA are appealing for anyone that has any information or lost a corn snake to contact the Animal Shelter on 01481 257261 or email [email protected] .

Yvonne Chauvel GSPCA Senior Animal care Assistant said “on Sunday a stray corn snake was found on Vale Road and we are trying to find the owner.”


Stray turtle on her way back home

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Earlier this month the GSPCA had a very large turtle recued after being handed into Les Eturs Veterinary Centre.

The reptile was found in Castel earlier this mont and the GSPCA have been trying to find the owner and we are delighted to say that today was the magical day that ‘Tilly as she is named was reunited.

Will Domaille GSPCA staff member said “The turtle was found in Castel and it was great to hand her back to her owners today.”

“We actually have quite a few musk turtles at the GSPCA in need of homes and anyone interested please do get in touch with us.”


FOUND 2 STRAY RABBITS – Lop eared grey and white bunny found at L’Ancresse and poorly black lop bunny at Pleinmont

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Last night the GSPCA wardens were called out to rescue a stray bunny from L’Ancresse.

The very friendly grey and white adult lop eared rabbit sadly has no microchip and the GSPCA is appealing for information to get this lovely rabbit home.

Earlier in the day the GSPCA Ambulance Driver was called to help another poorly black rabbit which was also a lop eared rabbit, but this one was found at Pleinmont.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Just after 9pm last night our GSPCA Volunteer Wardens arrived with a lovely grey and white lop eared rabbit that was found at L’Ancresse.”


Missing 2 Black Swans from the Bordeaux area

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At the GSPCA we have had a report of a pair of Black Swans missing from the Bordeaux area.

The owner has asked to put an appeal out for any information into the whereabouts of the male and female adult birds.

If you have any information please call the GSPCA on 01481 257261.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “This morning we received a report of two adult Black Swans, a male and female that have gone missing in the Bordeaux area in the last few days.”