Volunteer Ambulance Wardens needed to help cover our 24/7 service at the GSPCA

Submitted by Steve on 11:03, 24th Sep, 2019 | 0

For over 40 years the GSPCA has operated a 24/7 Ambulance Service thanks to our amazing team.

Without volunteers we could not operate 24/7 365 days a year and we are currently looking to recruit additional volunteers that can help us cover this essential service that helps 1000’s of animals every year.

Volunteers need to have a full clean driving licence and a passion for heling animals and the Guernsey community.


40 years of the GSPCA 24 hour emergency service

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This year is the 40th year of the GSPCA 24 hour ambulance service.

The GSPCA was founded in 1873 and we have been located in St. Andrews since 1929.

Although since the early 1900's the GSPCA have had an animal ambulance service which has varied from pedacycle to horse drawn carriage, in 1974 the service officially became 24 hours 7 days a week.

1974 was the year the Committee decided to offer a 24 hour call out service to be manned by voluntary wardens.

One of the original wardens is John Bougourd who also went on to become the President of the GSPCA.