URGENT FISH APPEAL With the stormy weather we need your help for fish for the seal pups at the GSPCA

Submitted by Steve on 11:59, 19th Mar, 2019 | 0

We are pleased to report that all six seal pups are doing well and improving daily.

In fact when there is a break in the weather we are hoping to release Marty the grey seal pup back in Jersey where he was rescued.

The weather however is playing havoc with the fresh fish we require for the seal pups and despite deliveries in bulk with the sustained bad weather we have had recently our stock is starting to run low.

The GSPCA is currently appealing for fish caught in the last 3 months, ideally herring or mackerel but any whole sea fish would be much appreciated.


Bonnie the grey seal pup 4 weeks on

Submitted by Steve on 15:31, 12th Feb, 2016 | 0

Nearly 4 weeks ago the GSPCA were called out to rescue an emaciated grey seal pup.

We are pleased to report that Bonnie is doing very well and is putting on weight each and every day.

Her thin body and neck is putting on that much needed fat and she is eating extremely well going through 3-4kg of fresh fish every day.

Still under weight for her age it will be at the very least 6 weeks or so before she is fit, fat and well enough to be put back in the wild.


Video of Bonnie the grey seal pup - Thanks to Dorfmeister Studios Guernsey

Submitted by Steve on 12:04, 29th Jan, 2016 | 0

Earlier this week the team from Dorfmeister Studios popped in whilst we were feeding Bonnie the seal pup to kindly put together a promotional video of her progress.

Putting on weight every day with the fresh fish she is having to be fed, the team at the GSPCA are overjoyed with her progress so far.