Emergency training to start the day for the GSPCA team

Submitted by Steve on 11:42, 5th Sep, 2019 | 0

This morning the GSPCA team had an alarm to start the day as a fire drill and training took place.

The GSPCA team learn something new every day as we have such a range on animals come into our care and a huge array of demands on our services.

We also carry out training and refresher training to remind the team on the procedures and processes we need to carry out each day and also in an emergency.

Earlier this year we had fire training thanks to the Guernsey Fire Service and team members have had training with G4S in using a range of fire equipment.


Fire training thanks to Nickie Browning the Fire & Rescue Service Fire Safety Officer

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The GSPCA are hugely grateful to Nickie Browning the Fire Safety Officer for the States of Guernsey.

Last year Nickie helped the GSPCA update our fire safety procedures and last week she spent two mornings with the team to train them in safety procedures if there was an emergency or fire at the GSPCA.


Fire Rescue & Service help with training at the GSPCA

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The GSPCA would like to say a huge thank you to Nickie Browning Fire Safety Officer from the Fire & Rescue Service for recent training and advice she has helped with at the GSPCA.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager "The Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service are truly fantastic from helping with difficult rescues to supporting our events and last month with training for our team."


Fire Service rescue with the GSPCA

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Last month the Fire Service kindly helped the GSPCA rescue a trapped wood pigeon.

Michelle Champion GSPCA Warden who was called to the scene said “The pigeon was stuck between a window and safety glass at the Royal Terrace.”

“It kept trying to move but was absolutely stuck.”

“I pressed all the buttons on the front door to the building and eventually found someone to let me upstairs but there was no one in any one of the three apartments that I worked out it must belong to.”


A huge thank you to the Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service from the GSPCA on International Fire Fighters Day

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The GSPCA would like to say a huge thank you to the Guernsey Fire Service on this International Fire Fighter Day.

The GSPCA and the Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service are called on to work very closely in a number of circumstances from large animal rescues to pets trapped in house fires.

When ever called upon day or night the GSPCA are there when to assist our wonderful Fire and Rescue Service where needed to help.