Waitrose and Partners Admiral Park Give a little Local Love to the GSPCA helping animals in need

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Last week Community Matters Vanessa Gillease from Waitrose and Partners Admiral Park popped along to the GSPCA.

Vanessa said “Our Give a Little Local Love scheme at Admiral Park is dedicated to helping local causes.”

“The GSPCA has been selected by Waitrose Admiral Park to be supported through our Give a Little Local Love scheme.”  

“Following a vote from our Partners they would like you to purchase a Small Intensive Care Unit, a Bird cage for hand rears and the balance to be used to purchase feed for the Seal Pups and Hoglets.”


Condor Ferries supports the GSPCA with life saving equipment

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The GSPCA and Condor Ferries have teamed up so the local charity can continue to provide lifesaving care for young, sick or injured birds and mammals that are brought into the shelter each year.

Through its Community Fund, Condor has purchased three specialist incubators which will be used at the Animal Shelter for keeping new born chicks in a clean, temperature controlled environment to aid their development. The equipment also double as intensive care units, providing vital support for orphaned, injured or weak animals.


Huge thanks to the kind person for the fantastic roll of vet bedding from our Amazon Wish List

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We see so many incredibly kind donations to help our 24/7 work at the GSPCA.

We often have no idea where donations come from and this week we received an incredible donation of a very large roll of purple vet bedding with paw prints.

Vet bedding is a great product as bedding as it is so warm and comfortable and the roll will be primarily used for the many cats that come through our care.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager “At the GSPCA we are often in need of items to help care for the 100’s of animals at the GSPCA.”


Huge thanks for the recent kind gifts and donations and this wonderful Vet Bed from our Amazon wish List

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With over 300 animals in our care and over 3000 through our doors each year there are many things we use and need 24/7 365 days a year.

There are many ways to support our work and every penny makes a  huge difference but there are a huge range of other ways in which you can support our work and help us care for the animals at the GSPCA.


Huge thanks to all that supported #GSPCAPurpleWeek with donations and gifts with many coming from our Amazon Wish List

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Last week the GSPCA celebrated 148 years and from those making donations to selling goods for us there we so many wonderful ways we were supported through this fun annual event.

We also saw a bumper week in donations from our Amazon Wish List, which you can see by going to - https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/ls/25MJPPDAGXHL1?type=WishList


We all need a Ray of Sunshine in our lives please support 11 year old Astrid and download her song to raise funds for animals

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11 year old Astrid Meadow has released her song ‘You’re A Ray of Sunshine’ online to raise funds for the GSPCA and Guernsey Animal Aid.

Astrid absolutely loves animals and the proceeds raised from those downloading her song will be donated to help animals in Guernsey.

Here are the three platforms where you can download this fantastic song.


Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for your support - Wish List Appeal New Animal Ambulance to small bowls for baby animals

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The current pandemic has caused many challenges at the GSPCA as it has with everyone and across the world and we are incredibly thankful to all that have helped us with our #GSPCACoronavirusCrisisAppeal so far it is so appreciated and we couldn’t do so much without your support.

As well as much needed funds at the GSPCA there are a range of items we are desperately in need of. The largest is wish list item is a new GSPCA Animal Ambulance. Which has come at the worst time as we are so incredibly busy in Spring


Help the GSPCA Wishes Come True to Help Animals this Christmas

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With a record breaking number of hedgehogs in our care this year and over 500 animals at the moment we need you to help us help animals this Christmas.

From wildlife to domestic, those needing homes to rehabilitation there are many ways you can support our work and what a great gift helping animals in need could be for a loved one.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “With the biggest day of kindness and giving to others approaching we would love islanders to think of the many animals in our care.”


Help Guernsey Hedgehogs in what is a record year in numbers arriving at the GSPCA

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Many think that Guernsey hedgehogs like their cousins in the UK hibernate but sadly this is a rare occurrence for the majority of our spikey friends as they require a temperature of 5c or below for their body clock to switch to this Winter behaviour.

With the mild climate we have in the Channel Islands it is rare for a day to go by that we don’t rescue of help a hedgehog 365 days a year.


Check out our Amazon Wish List & help animals in need this Christmas in Guernsey

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Are you in the festive mood and looking to help those in need?

We have lots of great gifts and items on our Amazon Wish List that would help the 500+ animals in our care at the GSPCA.

There are items from under a £1 to much larger like the perspex sheets, from toys for the animals to steel bowls.  With over 3000 animals through our doors every year there is a huge selection of items on our Amazon Wish List.

We have already had some wondeful gifts from toy mice to Science diet food and a huge thanks to all that have donated or given this Christmas.