Sightings of Andrew the seal pup around Herm – safety warning please respect his space and do not approach him

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Yesterday the GSPCA enjoyed an incredible day releasing Andrew the seal pup from jersey and Pebbles who was rescued in Guernsey.

You can see the full story by going to -

Andrew was seen several times between Belvoir Bay and Shell Beach in Herm and the GSPCA are urging the public not to approach or touch him.


A magical day as Pebbles and Andrew two seal pups back in the wild

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Today a magical moment took place as Andrew the Jersey grey seal pup and Pebbles the Guernsey grey seal pup were returned back to the wild.

Andrew who was a tiny white coat when found in Jersey and rescued by the JSPCA and British Divers Marine Mammal Medics in November 2018 was one of the youngest and smallest pups ever to come into our care at the GSPCA. Last year Andrews progress was incredibly slow and we really worried if he would ever be fit and well enough to be released to the wild and due to his slow progress he is the longest ever seal resident to be in our care.


Seal Pups Pebbles and Andrew soon to be in the wild please donate to their final farewell meal

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Pebbles who was rescued in Guernsey 5 months ago and Andrew the Jersey seal pup who is our longest ever seal in rehab at an incredible 19 months are both ready for their release to the wild.

All being well with weather conditions in the next 24 hours, both Andrew and Pebbles will be released back into the wild after an incredible amount of hard work by the team at the GSPCA and especially Geoff George Head of Marine Mammals.


Last two Guernsey seal pups at the GSPCA due to be released very soon and Andy makes improvements

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It’s been a very busy year for grey seal pups and finally the last two Guernsey pups are ready for the wild.

It is planned to release Mambo and Hannah sometime next week and preparations are currently underway.

Once again we are looking to release both locally rescued pups on Jethou as we did for Sealia and Gully back in May.

All seal pups were extremely emaciated and would have likely perished if they hadn’t of been rescued which include two from Jersey.


Temperance the grey seal pup back in the wild on Jethou on a very sunny day & dolphin spotting

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Today Temperance the grey seal pup was released back to the wild.

When he was found he was the thinnest ever seal pups to be rescued by the GSPCA found at Beaucette back in November.

Temperance has taken many months to build the strength and weight needed for release and today was his big day.

The team prepared Temperance this morning ready for his transportation to Albert Pier where we met the team from Rib Voyages and members of the press.


Huge thank you to Bethany our official photographer for Bonnie the seal pups release on Jethou

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A week back Friday a young lady from the Youth Commission North Youth Centre joined the GSPCA team on the Bumblebee boat to Jethou to release Bonnie the grey seal pup.

Bethany became a very lucky lady after the winner of a competition to join the release was unable to come and he donated it to a young deserving person.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager contacted the Youth Commission to see who they thought would benefit from this once in a life time opportunity and they asked Bethany to join the team.


Guernsey Press video of the seal release

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Here is a video of the seal release thanks to Adrian Miller and Guernsey Press.

If you missed the story of the seal release then here it is again -

Friday the 23rd May was not only a joyous and wonderful day for the team at the GSPCA, but also filled with tears and hope.


Seal pups Trinity and Eden are back in the wild - Thank you to all involved with the fantastic release on Jethou

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Friday the 23rd May was not only a joyous and wonderful day for the team at the GSPCA, but also filled with tears and hope.

Grey seal pups Trinity and Eden who were rescued in January of this year were found very close to death and if it hadn't been for the rescue and rehabilitation at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in St Andrews, Guernsey then they certainly wouldn't have made it in the wild.

Yesterday morning GSPCA staff made preparations to release the young seal pups which were rescued separately earlier this year.


It's not all just bunny hugging - A Volunteer Evening at the GSPCA Animal Shelter Wednesdy 17th July at 6.30pm

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The GSPCA helps care for and rescue thousands of animals every year and without our wonderful volunteers we really couldn't do it.

From cleaning kennels to fundraising there are dozens of roles for volunteers to help the GSPCA and next Wednesday we have our second Volunteer Welcome and Induction Evening.

With the success of the first last month which drew a crowd of 18 new volunteers to the Shelter the second is planned for 6.30pm on the 17th July.


Thank you to The Best Of Guernsey for the Feature on the GSPCA

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We would like to extend a thank you to the team at The Best Of Guernsey for the feature of the GSPCA.

The page is full of information about the Shelter, what we do, our services, events and much more.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We are extremely grateful to the team at The Best Of Guernsey for the wonderful exposure on what is a hugely popular web site in the Bailiwick.'