Keeping our dogs out of the dog house

Submitted by GSPCA on 15:42, 4th Mar, 2014 | 0

Over the last two weeks the GSPCA has had a number of calls from concerned dog owners following ‘attacks’ at some of the Island’s most popular beaches and walking sites.


Police Witness Appeal - Dog Attacked with a hammer and Van vandalised

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The GSPCA are asking if anyone has any information to please call the police about a recent violent attack on a dog.

The dog whose eye will be lost after being smashed in the muzzle with a hammer as part of a sickening homophobic attack against a local children’s entertainer.

When Jenny Harding went out to feed six-year-old Alice yesterday morning she found her pet’s eye was bulging and bloody with a flat-headed hammer lying nearby.  Jenny's van had also been graffitied on the back all of which occurred in the Torteval area.


GSPCA ask dog owners to please take care

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The GSPCA often receive calls from distressed animal owners for a number of reasons and this year one that has been highlighted is that of dogs attacking other animals.

It is often reported in the press regarding dogs killing chickens that aren't controlled but it doesn't stop there. At the GSPCA we often have other birds, hedgehogs, rabbits and even cats that are reported to the Shelter that have been killed by dogs that aren't under control.

Some of the current legislation regarding Control of Dogs in Guernsey is: