Very lucky stray bearded dragon found near Saumarez Park now at the GSPCA

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Scott is the second bearded dragon to be found in the area of Saumarez Lane, near Saumarez Park as we had Debbie found not far from the area earlier this year.

The adult bearded dragon would have unlikely survived if it hadn’t been found as they originate from Australia and need a warm climate to live.

If you know of someone who has lost their bearded dragon please ask them to call the GSPCA on 01481 257261.


If you go down to the Cobo Nature Trail you might be in for a big surprise – Stray bearded dragon found

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This evening a member of public while out for a walk along the Nature Trail near Cobo came across a wild animal more likely to be seen living in the desserts of Australia.

On a lovely Spring evening just after 8pm a bearded dragon has been found.

Now at the GSPCA although a little thin the reptile has been named ‘Debbie’ and is safe, warm with some fresh food and water in a vivarium.

The GSPCA are appealing to anyone that has lost their bearded dragon to please call the Shelter on 257261 or to pop in to the GSPCA in St Andrews.


Worst case of reptile starvation the GSPCA has seen results in the owner being banned

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Last October the GSPCA were involved in rescuing 4 reptiles some of which were so thin they were lucky to still be alive.

After months of care at the GSPCA the owner of the animals attended the Magistrates Court in St Peter Port yesterday.

The animals involved were 2 corn snakes, a royal python and a bearded dragon.  When they were rescued it was apparent that they hadn’t been cared for in some time due to the state of the enclosures which were extremely dirty and not appropriate for the animals due to the fittings and lack of provisions.


Pablo and Picasso two bearded dragons find their forever home

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This weekend our two bearded dragons Pablo and Picasoo were waved off to their forever homes.

The pair of lizards found themselves at the GSPCA as their owners could no longer care for them.

Thankfully they only arrived a couple of weeks ago and the team at the GSPCA were pleased to find them a forever home so quickly.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said "We've had a busy few months with stray and unwanted reptiles and it often takes months to find them new homes."


A stray dragon found at Jerbourg point

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Yesterday a stray dragon was saved in Guernsey.

Out at Jerbourg Point a member of public came across a stray Bearded Dragon.

Very cold the team at the GSPCA have named the unusual stray Oliver and we are pleased to report despite being out in the Guernsey winter he is now safe at the Animal Shelter and made it through the night.

Their natural habitats include deserts, arid and rocky areas, dry forests and scrublands and are mainly found in the eastern and central parts of Australia and not the south east of Guernsey.


Have you lost a dragon in Guernsey?

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The GSPCA are currently looking for the owner of a lost dragon, a Bearded Dragon that is!

The Bearded Dradon now fondly called Sorrento by the team at the Shelter was found near Collings Road.

He is currently in a vivarium at the GSPCA and if you have lost yours please get in touch on 01481 257261 or pop into the Shelter in St Andrews.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We deal with all sorts of stray animals from Slygo the terrier to the more unusual like Sorrento the Bearded Dragon.'