Spring has sprung so here is some Important Information Baby Bird Advice

Submitted by Steve on 22:49, 30th Mar, 2022 | 0

The GSPCA have been extremely busy in recent weeks with the arrival of the first Spring baby birds needing hand rearing that have been found or rescued.

Baby birds are always where possible best left in the wild to be rehabilitated by their parents.

Yvonne Chauvel GSPCA Animal Care Supervisor said “With the mild weather and start of Spring we have started to see the first baby birds of 2022.”

“We’ve had quite a few ducking and a variety of others.”


Spring advice from the GSPCA with the many baby birds being seen and found around Guernsey

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With Spring well underway the GSPCA are asking Islanders to please be mindful of the many fledglings popping up around the Bailiwick. 

The GSPCA would like to remind that as a general rule, it is best to leave baby birds alone.

A baby bird has a greater chance of survival in the wild than it has being hand-reared by man as they learn to fend for themselves and how to forage for food by their parents.

Around 2 weeks after hatching young birds in your Bailiwick garden usually leave the nest, just before they learn how to fly.