GSPCA helping RSPCA cats thanks to Condor Ferries

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At the GSPCA we help 1000’s of cats every year but the numbers looking for homes have been decreasing over the years.

This has meant from time to time we have space in our cat pens and when we are able we help charities which are members of the Association of Cats and Dogs Home (ADCH) which are based across the British Isles and Ireland.

On Friday 29th October 2021 the GSPCA helped 5 cats from the RSPCA in Wales which were in need.


2021 ADCH Calendars featuring GSPCA Cat Pongo and Fridge Magnets Now On Sale

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The GSPCA are pleased to announce 2021 ADCH Calendars are now on sale as well as ‘Who Rescued Who?’ paw shaped fridge magnets.

These wonderful calendars are featuring a very special cat at the GSPCA called Pongo who is diabetic and needing a very special home.

Other months feature other wonderful animals from the members of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes and the 150+ members.

By buying this calendar you will not only be supporting the work of the GSPCA but also of many animal charities throughout The UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Ireland.


WATCH OUT for online scammers selling puppies, kittens and other animals

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The GSPCA has been made aware of possible scams of unscrupulous individuals advertising pictures of puppies for sale in attempt to deceive those looking for a new 4 legged friend.

Covid has affected the world in many ways and trying to find a new pet is more difficult now than it has been for many years.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “At the GSPCA we are extremely concerned about reports of people falsely advertising animals online to try and deceive people looking for a new pet out of their money.”


Guernsey Pouques Book supporting the last day to get your pictures in for #PetorateToCelebrate

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Today is the last day to send your #PetorateToCelebrate display picture to enter this wonderful fun competition by sending your picture to or on our facebook page .

Guernsey Pouques by Karen Simpson is a local book and we have kindly been supplied with this wonderful picture to help promote #PetorateToCelebrate and her book which is on sale at the GSPCA.


Free teddy to help #PetorateToCelebrate hidden in the hedges at the GSPCA - only a week to enter

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With less than a week to go we want you to get your entries in free of charge to enter #PetorateToCelebrate

Around the hedges of the GSPCA and at our vedge hedge stall we have hidden and placed teddies and dolls where a child can collect one for free, but donations very much appreciated at this very difficult time.


Celebrate Phase 5 with #PetorateToCelebrate only a week to enter & a winner will compete in a National judging

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With only a week to go we want you to get your entries in free of charge to enter #PetorateToCelebrate

A local winner will go through to compete against entries from across the British Isles and Ireland and this is a great way to celebrate and show your support to animal charities.

When you have your #PetorateToCelebrate display up we would love to see your pictures online ideally with the hashtag #PetoratetoCelebrate


#PetorateToCelebrate to support the GSPCA, the ADCH and animal rescues across the British Isles and Ireland this June

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This June animal rescues are asking to you to ‘Petorate’ your garden, front window or car with cuddly toys, animal scarecrows, pet pictures or even your animal ornaments to show your support to the many animal charities battling through the Covid-19 pandemic we all face.

With many of us at home we all need to bring some fun to our community and brighten each others day. Decorating your home, garden or car with toy animals, pictures or ornaments is a fantastic way to show your support to animals in need and bring a smile to passers by.


In An Emergency There Are Pets Inside poster and are your pets cared for if something was to happen to you?

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There are those that worry what would happen to our pets if something happened and we were rushed into hospital leaving our pets in our home.

At the GSPCA we have been highlighting this especially since the Covid-19 pandemic began as it is extremely important that our pets are safe and have the care they require even when something happens to the owner.

The ‘In An Emergency There Are Pets Inside’ poster has been created to help put owners minds at rest and ensure that no pets are left at home if something was to happen to them.



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The Association of Dogs and Cats Home (ADCH) has launched an Emergency Fund for animal rescues across the British Isles, to help them continue their vital work during the coronavirus outbreak.

This comes in response to a survey of rescue and rehoming organisations by ADCH, the sector umbrella body for companion animal rescue organisations, which revealed:

• 100% said their income had reduced;

• 61% said they have reduced staff numbers (the majority through furloughing);

• 55% said that fundraising income had already reduced by over 50%;


Animal rescues reveal Covid funding crisis

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The Association of Dogs and Cats Homes survey found 95% of members have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic UK animal rescue centres have lost up to half of their income during the coronavirus pandemic, a new survey reveals.