Speakers visit the GSPCA to help rabbit owners & workers against the deadly RHVD2

Submitted by Steve on 16:35, 10th Jul, 2017 | 0

Last Tuesday the GSPCA held a special training session to help rabbit owners and professionals that work or care for bunnies due to the outbreak of RHVD2 recently.

The event was open to everyone and was completely free of charge and we saw representatives from local garden centres, owners and many of the GSPCA staff and volunteers

The training took place at 130pm on Tuesday 4th at the GSPCA with two key speakers.


GSPCA welcome Rick Hayman Managing Director from Medimark who visited and provided staff and volunteers training

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Over the last two days the GSPCA welcomed Rick Hayman who is the Managing Director of Medimark Scientific Ltd who manufacture a number of products that are used world wide to clean in a variety of environments, especially vets and animal shelters.

Rick is a massive supporter of animal charities and has even volunteered on a Mission Rabies project which is a charity that vaccinates dogs in Africa and other parts of the developing world to help stop this deadly disease.


Do you need disinfectant to clean out your animals?

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At the GSPCA we clean out and care for 300 animals every day and you can now buy one of the leading disinfectants that we use at the Shelter.

To ensure we can thoroughly disinfect the animal accommodation’s at the GSPCA we use Angiene HLD4V High Level Surface Disinfectant made by Medi-Mark.

On sale at reception we have 1 litre self dosing at £9.10 and 5 litre containers for £20.33, but we do have 20 litre drums on request.

We also have odour eliminator sprays on sale for those owners with the fragrant pet.