Did you know its Rabbit Awareness Week? Check out these great posts from our Small Animal Department Team

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Between 26th June and 3rd July 2023 Rabbit Awareness Week is being celebrated.

The GSPCA has seen a huge increase in rabbits in recent years so much so we have been having to build additional facilities for the 40+ in our care.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “This week is Rabbit Awareness Week and the Small Animal Department Team Ollie Bourgaize and Alex Solusby have been busy putting together great posts and updates to promote the many rabbits in our care and all the welfare challenges and needs we see with rabbits in Guernsey.”


Easter Bunny Build Appeal – Please donate to help us build a small animal department

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The GSPCA desperately needs to build a Small Animal Department.

It recent years at the GSPCA we have seen a sharp increase in the numbers of rabbits, small animals, birds and reptiles in need of our help.
This Easter we are appealing for your help to build a Small Animal Department with our Easter Bunny Appeal.

Thankfully we have an area which was our on-site Charity Shop which moved into Smith Street meaning we have a section to develop.


Happy Chinese New Year from the 45 rabbits at the GSPCA and concerns of abandoned rabbits at L’Ancresse

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This Chinese New Year celebrates the year of the rabbit and the GSPCA are currently experiencing the highest numbers of rabbits in our care in many years.

Alex Soulsby GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “2023 is the year of the rabbit!”

“If you’ve been considering adding rabbits to your family, or you have a single rabbit and you’re thinking about perhaps wanting to find them a friend, we have lots of rabbits looking for their forever homes.”


Please donate to Ponyo the rabbits x-ray and operation

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The GSPCA helps hundreds of rabbits every year and we are currently looking to build a new small animal section ahead of the Wildlife Hospital.

Within the Small Animal Department we have nearly 30 rabbits in our care as well as degus and rats

One of the newest arrivals in Ponyo a young rabbit who was gifted to the Shelter as the owner could no longer afford his care due to his health.


International Rabbit Day Saturday 25th September and launch or our Small Animal and Rabbit Build Appeal

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Tomorrow is International Rabbit Day and to celebrate we are not only appealing for homes for our longest stay rabbits and encouraging all owners to ensure their bunnies have a happy hoppy life we are also launching our Small Animal and Rabbit Build Appeal.

With over 400 rabbits through our doors in the first 9 months of 2021 and many other small animals we are appealing for funds to transform an area at the Shelter to make a purpose built small animal section. We estimate it will cost a total of £60,000, please donate to help the man animals that come into our care.


WARNING TO ALL RABBIT OWNERS – Diseases killing rabbits in Guernsey and advice

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The GSPCA is asking all rabbits to take great care as Rabbit Haemorraghic Viral Disease (RHVD2) variant 2 is being seen once again here in Guernsey and a surge of rabbits with myxomatosis are being seen with the large numbers of rabbits around Guernsey.

These fatal diseases are a huge risk to unvaccinated rabbits and especially to those in outside enclosures.

The GSPCA helps over 150 wild and domestic rabbits every year, although this year we have already had over 323 through our doors since the 1st January.

What is RHVD2?


Important message from Animal Welfare Manager Lorna Chadwick on the care of rabbits

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Lorna Chadwick GSPCA Animal Welfare Manager shares this important information on rabbit care ‘Spring is in the air, so please make sure you allow your bunnies to enjoy this beautiful weather too. We all know how stressful it feels to be locked inside so let's make sure our rabbits always have the space they need to exercise and explore; keeping them mentally and physically fit and well.


Update from Mr Ronald the bunny doing well in his new home

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We love to hear how the animals are doing which were adopted from the GSPCA and we recently heard from Mr Ronald the bunny who joined a home where other bunnies ad been adopted from the GSPCA.

Lucy Langlois the new owner said “Mr Ronald has settled into his new home!”

“Please send a massive thanks to Nicole for all of her kindness and knowledge with helping us re-home bunnies.”

“They have all settled into their new home wonderfully.”

“You’re all doing an amazing job.” 

“Keep up the great work.”


Jemima the longest stay bunny in need of a special home

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Beckie Bailey tells us about Jemima the bunny “Jemima has spent 873 days at the shelter looking for her forever home. “

“Jemima did not have the best start in life, thats why she was brought into the shelter.”

“She was paired up with a male rabbit for sometime, they were getting on swell. Randomly the male attacked her and bite her badly on her genital area. She was rushed to the vets and had surgery. Jemima had a slow but successful recovery. Jemima is scarred physically but also mentally, she is now scared of other rabbits.”


Happy Birthday Hazel and Lavender who were born at the GSPCA this time last year and still need a home

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This time last year we had a litter of baby bunnies born at the GSPCA.

A year later Hazel and Lavender two of those baby bunnies are still here and looking for their new and forever home.

As it is such a special day one of our team has given them a very special treat for their special day.

To give a gift to Hazel and Lavender a birthday gift donation and the other animals please visit - https://giving.gg/donate/event/5876/GSPCA-Coronavirus-Emergency-Appeal