Lucky Pigeon Pandemic Survivors Vaccinated

Submitted by Steve on 12:46, 23rd Mar, 2021 | 0

Over the past months the GSPCA has been called out to or had brought in over sick, injured or deceased 300 pigeons.

On the 9th February the GSPCA confirmed Paramyxovirus in the wild pigeon population which has been killing hundreds of birds since the start of 2021.

In fact of the 300 birds that the GSPCA has rescued or had brough to the Shelter very sadly only 17 have survived.


Updates on #NationalWildlifeDay from the GSPCA

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Each year the GSPCA helps in excess of 2000 wild animals and birds.

Last year we saw a record breaking number of hedgehogs with over 700 through our doors and we currently have over 140 in our care.

All three seal pups continue to do well with Joey as you can see from the little white coat pup is eating extremely well on his own in our pools with Ellie and Titan who also progress well.

Sadly we continue to see very sick pigeons as the Pigeon Paramyxovirus spreads across the Island and we have had birds and reports from most Guernsey Parishes.