Dog First Aid Course 630pm at the GSPCA Wednesday 18th March - find details here to book your place

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On Wednesday 18th March we hold our first dog first aid course of 2020 at the GSPCA with a focus on helping save your dogs life.

Taking the course will be GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne who has over 23 years working in the field of animal rescue and with over 3000 animals through the doors every year at the GSPCA the team see cases of animal first aid on a daily basis here in Guernsey.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We have been running dog and cat first aid courses for over five years and have trained over 250 participants to help save animals lives.”


A wonderful Dog First Aid Course at the GSPCA – Cat First Aid on the 20th May and next Dog Course 18th November

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Last night we held our the first 2019 course in Dog First Aid at the GSPCA.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We had a wonderful evening last night at the GSPCA.”

“There were 4 on the course learning how to save a dogs life and we have further courses planned for this year.”

“Everyone really enjoyed the evening and shared stories of their own experiences whish we talked about and learned from.”

“We have been running dog and cat first aid courses for over five years and have trained over 250 participants to help save animals lives.”


New hands on Animal Care Course at the GSPCA with WEA

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Once again the GSPCA have teamed up with the WEA to provide a course in animal care.

The new course is an 'Introduction to Animal Care and Welfare' and gives a taste of working in the many different departments at the GSPCA whilst learning about animal care, behaviour and a hands on experience.

The course is a 2 day workshop and for those taking part we would kindly ask that you have a basic knowledge in animal care.

The main topics covered and experienced will be:


Third WEA GSPCA Animal Care Course Completed at the GSPCA

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For the third time WEA teamed up with the GSPCA to provide a comprehensive course that not only provided essential information for pet care, but tackles the wider issues of wild animal welfare in Guernsey.

The course subjects included:


You've heard of 'the kiss of life' this weekend we found out about 'snog a dog'

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On Sunday morning at the GSPCA we met 9 keen dog lovers who were looking to find out more on dog first aid.

We have been holding a series of training courses at the GSPCA and this weekend we trained a further 9 attendees what to do for their canine friends if faced with a first aid situation.

GSPCA Dog First Aid Course July 2015 in Guernsey


New Volunteers & Cat First Aiders Trained at the GSPCA - Dog First Aid this Sunday

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Last Wednesday the GSPCA welcomed 14 new volunteers to the Animal Shelter and on Sunday another 3 keen cat lovers were taught about cat first aid.

Sarah Creasey the Animal Education and Welfare Officer inducted 14 new volunteers who were keen to help in all sorts of ways from fund raising to mucking out.

The evening consisted of introductions, all about the GSPCA, health and safety and the areas that those that attended can help here at the GSPCA.


Guernsey has a second group full of Animal Care know how thanks to the GSPCA & WEA training course

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Last night at the GSPCA the second Animal Care and Welfare Course saw another 15 graduates.

The Monday night course that started back in January has taken 8 weeks and covered a wealth of topics in caring for animals and working with them.

Last night Sarah, Sue, Siriol, Carolyn, Marilyn, Michelle, Andrew, Simon, Craig, Lisa, Hannah, Zoe, Mandy and John had their last session which covered grooming and coat care.  We also recapped the 8 weeks and had a Q and A followed by a presentation of certificates.