Missing your mother and baby turkeys? Stray turkey and nine chicks found near Grow Ltd now at the GSPCA

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At the GSPCA we currently have a mother and her 9 back turkey chicks.

Rescued by the GSPCA near Grow Ltd on Tuesday by GSPCA Ambulance Officer Geoff George the birds are currently in our care and we are appealing for their owner.

If you know of someone who has lost their turkeys please ask them to call the GSPCA on 01481 257261.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We don’t see many turkeys needing our help each year although we have rehomed a few that came to local fame that were found just before Christmas like Tinsel and Cracker.”


Not the Easter Bunny, it's an Easter stray turkey - stray turkey rescued in St Martins on Easter Sunday

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After the BIGGEST ever GSPCA event on Easter Sunday a call came into our GSPCA emergency line not for what you would expect such as an Easter bunny but instead for a Christmas turkey.

A stray turkey had been spotted in St Martins and GSPCA Ambulance Warden had to rescue the bird while many around Guernsey enjoyed their Easter Eggs.

The bird is doing very well at the GSPCA and we are currently appealing for the owner to come forward.


A pet is not just for Christmas, especially Pepper the turkey

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At the GSPCA we would like to remind islanders the important message that pets are by no way an ideal Christmas gift and much thought and care must be taken before bringing an animal into your home.

We currently have almost 300 animals in our care, with many in need of homes and we want to ensure each one finds its forever home and not a home just for Christmas.

This is certainly the case with Pepper a 2 1/2 year old turkey who is in need of a very special home.

He came into our care earlier this year as he wasn't keen on men and the owner kindly asked us for help.


How pampered is your pet? Do you spend more on your pet than your loved one?

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According to a new poll, 6% of British pet owners admit to spending more money on their pets at Christmas than on individual gifts for their family, friends or loved ones.

A further 9% admitted to preferring to spend their time with their pet over their family, friends and loved ones during the festive period.

Nearly 3,000 Brits with pets were interviewed as part of the poll, and were asked who they would be spending Christmas with, and if they considered their pets part of the family.


Cranberry the lucky Christmas turkey

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This Christmas another turkey decided to skip the Christmas table by escaping.

On Christmas Eve Cranberry joined the team at the GSPCA Animal Shelter after being found straying in L'Ancresse.

This is the third year in a row the GSPCA has had stray turkeys brought in to the Shelter and if you are missing any animal then the GSPCA would urge you to get in touch as we have had a number of strays in over the festive period.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said 'We really can't believe it!'


Appeal to find Kiki the turkeys owner

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The GSPCA are appealing for the owner of a stray white turkey that has been at the Shelter for over a week.

Kiki as she has been fondly named was rescued from the Forest Road area on Saturday the 4th August after being reported to the Shelter wondering the streets.

She has been under treatment and is doing well but as yet no owner has come forward.  Kiki has a very friendly nature and staff are confident that there must be an owner that is missing this lovely bird and we are hoping to have them re-united.

4 birds fly off to their new home from the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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Prance the turkey who was found just before Christmas as well as Connie and Polly two chickens that were found and brought in as injured strays have today been rehomed.  Also Evy joined them who is a little bantam that was found a a little chick wandering the streets.  She is now a young bird will join a group of her own kind.  Staff waved them off with smiles on their faces.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Care Assistant said 'It's fantastic when we get to see our rescue animals find new homes.' 'That is why we are here and we wish them all the best in their new life.'


Tinsel's busy couple of days

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Since the weekend, Tinsel has had an exciting time.  She had her first human visitor on Saturday and loved it.  She spent a good half hour having cuddles on a new lap, and spent much of that time posing for photos.  I think Tinsel has decided she would like to become a model or perhaps an extra in films...


Tinsel home at last!!

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I then got the message I was waiting for, that I could re home her, so opted to collect her at the weekend.  In preparation I bought some wood and made her some perches and also found out that turkey’s love to perch on straw bales.  So, me being me of course had to get her one of those!  Many phone calls later I managed to locate some for sale, and I have to say that squashing it into my Smart car was quite an amusing experience.  So there I was, ready for her arrival and generally annoying people by telling anyone who’d listen how excited I was to be getting her!


A Turkey's for life not just for Christmas

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A couple of weeks before Christmas, a turkey hen which had been sighted wondering about on a few previous occasions, was finally captured by a GSPCA staff member.  She was placed in a large outdoor aviary at the shelter in order that she be safe, and be able to rest and recuperate.  She did not have a leg ring and therefore it was not possible to trace her owner, and no one came forward to claim her.  What with it being just before Christmas, there was no intention to re home her in case the new owner’s intentions were not altogether honourable!