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On Saturday 5th January GSPCA Shelter staff had a call to an injured seal pup at Pleinmont.

Animal Care Assistant Annabelle Janes and Senior Animal Care Assistant Yvonne Chauvel responded to find a thin, injured grey seal pup with laboured breathing.

At only 21kg the pup had to be carried to the van and transported to the Shelter as to have left him would have meant he wouldn't have survived.Hanois the grey seal pup rescue at the GSPCA Animal Shelter Guernsey

Fortunately it was at low tide when the rescue occurred but it wasn't an easy rescue with the light fading, slippery rocks, a step climb, Yvonne and Annabelle carried the seal pup over 500 yards to the safety of the rescue vehicle. 

The pup which Shelter staff have named Hanois is now at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews having 3 hourly tube feeds day and night with a hydration mix. 

Hanois is now residing next to Jethou Bumblebee the seal pup who was rescued in November 2012.  We are pleased to report that Jethou Bumblebee has now doubled his original weight and will soon be out in the pool we have at the GSPCA.

(To see the story of Jethou Bumblebees rescue please click here.)

The GSPCA are still appealing for donations of fresh or frozen fish to feed Jethou Bumblebee as he is now on 20 herring or mackerel a day and we will of course need more when Hanois is strong enough to eat fish.

The vet checked over Hanois yesterday to administer a number of injections at the Shelter and was pleased to see how feisty he was.Hanois the grey seal pup rescue at the GSPCA Animal Shelter Guernsey

Geoff George ACO and the main carer for seals at the Shelter said 'I'm coming in every 3 hours day and night to get fluids into him and I have to say he is definitely a grey seal pup.'

'He has cuts all over his body and his breathing isn't good but he is responding well to treatment and we are hopeful for a good recovery but it is early days.'

Both seal pups will be at the Shelter for some time before they can be released and we will update you on their progress.


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