Whiskers Advent Calendar Day 8 Swoffers Nest Boxes on sale at the GSPCA to give a bird a home as a gift this Christmas

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It’s the 8th of December and today Whiskers our naughty little elf said "It's very windy out there today, why not pop by and grab a nest box to give my friends the birds a home this Christmas."

"Kindly gifted by Swoffers they're only £5 each on sale at the GSPCA."

The GSPCA Shop and Charity Shop are open 7 days a week Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 11am to 4pm.


A tweet and a thank you to Swoffers for helping more than islanders finding their ideal nesting home

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Over the Summer the team at Swoffers gifted over 50 nest boxes they had made at Guernsey Prison to the GSPCA to help raise funds for the many animals and birds at the Shelter.

The beautifully designed and Swoffers engraved nest boxes gifted to the GSPCA first made an appearance at the North Show followed by a number of other Summer events as well as the recent Mallard Cinema event.

The GSPCA helps well in excess of 1000 sick and injured wild birds every year from finches which the boxes are designed for to much larger birds of prey and sea birds.