First GSPCA Volunteer Induction evening since February 2020 on Thursday 26th May at 630pm and Volunteering age now from 16 years

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After more than 2 years the GSPCA has the first Volunteer Induction Evening planned on Thursday 26th May at the GSPCA in St Andrews starting at 630pm.

The volunteer age from this induction will be from 16 years and up and we have opportunities in all parts of our activities here at the GSPCA.

The evening will start with introductions followed by an induction into our work, the opportunities and cover all aspects of health and safety to enable the new volunteers to understand the operations and what we do at the GSPCA.


First Volunteer Recruitment after 18 months at the GSPCA -We need you

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With a hugely busy Animal Shelter and many events the GSPCA is starting recruitment of volunteers after an 18 month break due to the covid pandemic.

We are still taking a cautious approach and at this time asking all those interested to complete a volunteer application form and send it to [email protected]

To download an application form please click here 


Volunteers Week - GSPCA dog training volunteers are ABSOLUTELY PAWSOME!

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As many people know we have been running our amazing dog training classes at the Shelter for over two decades during which time we have been VERY ‘fur’tunate (sorry) to have some wonderful volunteers dedicating their time and expertise to help us promote responsible dog ownership, welfare in dog training and, of course, help owners navigate their way through what can seem a mine field of owning and training a new pooch.


GSPCA take a cautious approach returning to the new normal – GSPCA Plan for our services and volunteers returning

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The GSPCA carries out a huge range of services for the community and animals in Guernsey.

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in Guernsey the GSPCA has continued 24/7 essential operations and we must thank the community and our team for their understanding and co-operation.

These have without doubt been the most difficult months in living memory for the team from ensuring we continue our vital work to raising the much needed funds which continues to be a real struggle due to the challenging times we find ourselves in.


20 New Volunteers kick off the GSPCA first 2020 Volunteer Induction

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Last night over 20 new faces came along to the first Volunteer Induction of the new decade.

The volunteers of all ages arrived just before 630am where GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne greeted them and gave the induction where they learned all about our work, how they can help, procedures, health, safety and much more.

At the end of the induction each received an induction booklet, certificate, pen and got the chance to speak to Steve about how they would like to help.


A packed room for the last GSPCA Volunteer Induction of 2019 and thanks to all that have helped this year

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Yesterday we held our 13th Volunteer Induction of 2019.

During 2019 at our induction events we have inducted an amazing 169 volunteers this year.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We cannot achieve so much without the incredible volunteers and team we have here at the GSPCA and with a busy Christmas ahead we need a huge amount of help to care for the 500+ animals at the GSPCA.”

“We really had a lovely night meeting the 17 new volunteers that joined our induction last night.”


22 New Volunteers welcomed at the GSPCA last night

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Last night the GSPCA greeted a packed room of new and willing volunteers.

From 13 years and up there were 15 interested in helping volunteer in aid of their Duke of Edinburgh Award and 7 volunteers keen to help with our Charity Shop, with the animals, admin, reception, cake baking and fund raising.

This was our 11th Volunteer Induction of 2019 and takes the numbers inducted through these events this year to an amazing 133 new volunteers some which help every week and others that help occasionally.


CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS – this weekend we need your help at the GSPCA

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This weekend we are extremely busy at the GSPCA and we are calling any of our amazing volunteers with any time to help.

From helping with our busy ambulance service to walking dogs, our full cattery to our packed rabbit and small animal department, over 100 hedgehogs to over 30 reptiles, gardening to helping on reception.

All trained volunteers need to do is pop in and the team will have plenty for you to do and a huge thanks in advance.


11 New volunteers join the GSPCA

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Last night we held our 9th Volunteer Induction of 2019 and greeted 11 new faces keen to help.

The all ladies induction was taken by GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne who greeted the group from which the youngest was 12 and turns 13 later this month which is the age to start to help with the animals.

From gardening to caring for the animals each of the ladies were keen to help in a variety of way.

The first of the group start tomorrow morning with the others later on this month.


Could the Volunteer Induction Evening on Monday 12 August 630pm take us to over 100 volunteers inducted this year?

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On Monday we hold 9th Volunteer Induction of 2019 having inducted 87 volunteers through this years events.

We often see 10 or more new volunteers, placements, work experience and individuals looking to help us at the GSPCA and if 13 come along to the next event we will have inducted 100 volunteers through them this year.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We cannot achieve so much without the incredible volunteers and team we have here at the GSPCA.”

“We love to meet new volunteers and our next induction is at 630pm on Monday 12th August.”