Cardiac Action Group help train the GSPCA to save human lives and use the AED purchased kindly by Investec

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The GSPCA helps save animals lives 24/7 365 days a year but without our team and supporters we couldn’t achieve so much.

Last year before the pandemic the GSPCA received a number of sessions for our team by Mike Froome from the Cardiac Action Group to help learn and for some refresh their skills in CPR and also use an AED.

The GSPCA were very kindly purchased an AED to have onsite by the wonderful Investec team and although thankfully we haven’t had to put it to use, it is an invaluable piece of equipment to have at our very busy Animal Shelter.


Huge thanks to Investec for their help this summer

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Over three mornings 11 staff from Investec spent their time helping out at the GSPCA this summer.

The days all took place in June and the GSPCA are hugely grateful to all of their help.

From planting 100’s of geraniums kindly donated from the OGH via GFF Gardening to helping care for our Memorial Garden the groups were a huge help in so many ways.

Tim Pellett GSPCA Community and Training Officer said “It was great to greet, meet and get the lovely team from Investec helping around the GSPCA this summer.”


Huge thanks to Investec staff for helping make a huge difference at the GSPCA

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Over the last week we have had three incredible teams volunteer at the GSPCA from Investec.

In all 13 staff have spent a combined 46 hours helping around the GSPCA in St Andrews.

The first group of 6 helped last Wednesday, a further 2 yesterday and we have had another 5 volunteering this morning.

Each group arrived at 9am and were greeted by GSPCA Community and Training Officer Tim Pellett.

After a quick introduction they very put straight to work, and work they did.