#PetorateToCelebrate to support the GSPCA, the ADCH and animal rescues across the British Isles and Ireland this June

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This June animal rescues are asking to you to ‘Petorate’ your garden, front window or car with cuddly toys, animal scarecrows, pet pictures or even your animal ornaments to show your support to the many animal charities battling through the Covid-19 pandemic we all face.

With many of us at home we all need to bring some fun to our community and brighten each others day. Decorating your home, garden or car with toy animals, pictures or ornaments is a fantastic way to show your support to animals in need and bring a smile to passers by.



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The Association of Dogs and Cats Home (ADCH) has launched an Emergency Fund for animal rescues across the British Isles, to help them continue their vital work during the coronavirus outbreak.

This comes in response to a survey of rescue and rehoming organisations by ADCH, the sector umbrella body for companion animal rescue organisations, which revealed:

• 100% said their income had reduced;

• 61% said they have reduced staff numbers (the majority through furloughing);

• 55% said that fundraising income had already reduced by over 50%;


Animal rescues reveal Covid funding crisis

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The Association of Dogs and Cats Homes survey found 95% of members have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic UK animal rescue centres have lost up to half of their income during the coronavirus pandemic, a new survey reveals.


Animal charities & experts join forces to offer advice to help owners care for animals, dog walkers & animal businesses

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Just over a week ago a coalition concerned about conflicting and poor information which is leaving owners confused and anxious and animals potentially at risk released some helpful advice for pet owners.


Largest ever animal welfare meeting in Guernsey a huge success - Hosted by the GSPCA with members from the ADCH

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Last week the GSPCA hosted and welcomed almost 40 animal charities and professionals from around the British Isles and Ireland to discuss best practice and challenges to the sector.

The focus of the meeting was on microchipping with leading experts from the sector visiting Guernsey to head a discussion panel to the charity members of the ADCH.