Easter Bunny Build Appeal – Please donate to help us build a small animal department

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The GSPCA desperately needs to build a Small Animal Department.

It recent years at the GSPCA we have seen a sharp increase in the numbers of rabbits, small animals, birds and reptiles in need of our help.
This Easter we are appealing for your help to build a Small Animal Department with our Easter Bunny Appeal.

Thankfully we have an area which was our on-site Charity Shop which moved into Smith Street meaning we have a section to develop.


GSPCA Adoption and Rehoming all moved online and over the phone - PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THE SHELTER AT THIS TIME

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Due to Coronavirus the GSPCA is only operating essential services.  All of our rehoming is now online, telephone and through the post as we are avoiding visitors to the Shelter at all costs in line with advice from the States of Guernsey.

With animals still arriving and being rescued, unwanted, stray and abandoned the GSPCA have to look at ways we can help rehome animals in our care.


Inky the lucky slick Syrian Hamster

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Inky is one very lucky stray Syrian Hamster.

Last Thursday a very surprised gentleman found a very oily Hamster in a catch pit when working on a car.

The Syrian Hamster that has been called Inky has had a good wash and is thankfully doing very well.

Inky is a stray Hamster so if you are missing one from the Bailiffs Cross area then the male, adult rodent could be yours.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said 'We often get oiled birds in at this time of year but it I can't remember getting an oiled Hamster in at the GSPCA before.'


Thank you to all that supported the Reservoir Sponsored Dog Walk with Sidney's Events

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The GSPCA would like to thank everyone that turned out for the Reservoir Sponsored Dog Walk yesterday with Sidney's Events.

Nearly 30 dogs and walkers arrived at Rue des Anvilles car park to walk the 3 miles of pathes around the Reservoir.

Some in fancy dress and all with smiles, the group of walkers with tiny dogs like Jack Russels and Pugs to German Shepherds and Red Setters all had a lovely walk, with beautiful scenery, enjoying each others company whilst raising funds to help animals in Guernsey.


Help Us Find Animals New Homes - Late Night Viewing of Animals at the GSPCA 1st & 2nd October

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The GSPCA is currently inundated with animals in need of new homes.

If anyone is looking for a new pet then many of them can be seen on our website www.gspca.org.gg/animals and we are open for viewing for those interested in adopting 11am to 4pm Monday to Saturday.


Appeal for information after someone cruelly dumps a hamster in St Peter Port

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The GSPCA is appealing for any information after a gorgeous white syrian hamster was left abandoned in a plastic bag in Church Square on Wednesday 2nd November.

The GSPCA were alerted by concerned staff at the Paper Box’ after a cleaner had found the animal left in a small cage tied up in a carrier bag with no food or water. 

The hamster, who has been named Hobo, is being cared for by staff at the GSPCA until a new home can be found for her.


Hamster Help

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After checking them all over and making sure who are boys and girls many of the Hamster Haven hamsters are now available for rehoming.

You may have seen or heard of these little critters in the press.  Over 30 in total and we are expecting more to give birth, we are now able to rehome the few males and asking for people to come forward to register their details in they are looking for a female.

Hamster Haven

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Friday we were called out to assist with what started as 2 hamsters and was 16 on Friday and 24 by the end of yesterday  As you read this it is still increasing as three have given birth and we are up to 36 syrian baby and adult hamsters.   Thankfully the owner of these hamsters asked for the GSPCAs help but if it had been left any longer then it would certainly have increased and could have easyily been into the hundreds.  Emma Trousdale the GSPCA welfare officer went to assist and with the help of the staff we have now seperated them into individual cages to pr