Bat rescue from Sark on the last days of Lockdown

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The GSPCA never know what we will be called for or when but on Saturday the last day of lockdown a real challenge to help rescue an injured bat was called in.

Beckie Bailey GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “Did you read our post at the weekend about a bat needing a boat ride from Sark to Guernsey!”

“On Saturday the Shelter was struggling to get permission to collect the bat from Sark as the islands were still in phase 2.”

“However, Sunday morning we had a very positive phone call!!!! We had permission to collect the bat!!”


Coca Cola the Pipistrelle Bat rescued and back in the wild

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We see all sorts of animals, of all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Last week a pipistrelle bat was found in St Martins and brought into the GSPCA.

After two nights of care and a full health check ‘Coca Cola’ as the female bat was called was able to be returned back to the wild.

Beckie Bailey GSPCA Animal Care Assistant and Bat Volunteer said “The bat that was rescued last week was a female.”

“She had old scares on her wings, that thankfully had all healed but that’s what the white marks were.”


Bat week at the GSPCA

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On Sunday evening a Pipistrelle Bat was rescued from a cat by a kind caring member of public who many may know as it was Corinne Connolly who runs many fund raisers for the GSPCA including the upcoming Sidney’s Sponsored Events Back to the 40’s event with UK Act Jill Daniels on Saturday 10th November 2018. For the details please visit’s-sponsored-events-presents-back-40’s-uk-act-jill-daniels-saturday-10th-november-2018