Alderney Guillemot to receiving special Guernsey care

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The GSPCA never know what and where something might arrive from and yesterday a poorly bird flew into Guernsey needing our help not by feather but instead by Aurigny wings.

Ronald Gauvin Alderney Wildlife Trust CEO said “Caring for our wildlife and natural environment is often a team effort, and never more so than in the case of wildlife rescue.”


Flybe really didn’t like socially distancing but after months at the GSPCA is released thanks to Alderney Wildlife Trust

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During mid March the GSPCA were called out to rescue a very cheeky cormorant.

Flybe as the bird was named was found in Church Square unable to fly, very thin and trying to enter buildings and shops.

He was brought to the GSPCA where we fed him up and after over a week of care we got him to a lovely release spot near the Bathing Pools.

Flybe wasn’t convinced he was ready for the wild and shortly after being released he made his way back to land and continued to pester people.


Rio the Common Seal Pup survives her first night at the GSPCA

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Rio the Common or also known as Harbour Seal Pup has made it through her first night although is still extremely thin and weak.

Named Rio by the team at the Animal Shelter the young seal pup was rescued yesterday by Alderney Wildlife Trust and first taken to Alderney Animal Welfare Society where it was treated by Vet John Knight before being transported to Guernsey.

At only 9kg she is the thinnest seal pup to be taken in at the GSPCA and first Common Seal to be seen in a very long time.


Buzz Aldridge an injured Alderney buzzard now at the GSPCA

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Earlier this week an injured Alderney buzzard took an Aurigny flight to Guernsey.

The injured bird of prey which was recently taken in by Alderney Animal Welfare Society and on Wednesday 'Buzz Aldridge' as the bird has been named was transported by plane to Guernsey Airport and then on to the GSPCA where we have the facilities to care and rehabilitate a variety of wildlife.

The bird is very weak and struggling to fly so will likely need time to rehabilitate.


Little Man & Tobias now Leo and Archie the ferrets find a loving home in Alderney

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At the GSPCA we now see over 40 ferrets coming into our care each year.

Most come in as strays and many are here for many months as we find it hard to find them loving new homes.

We were overjoyed last week when we had an enquiry from Alderney offering a home to ferrets.

With nearly 10 in our care the gentleman popped over to visit those in our care and Little Man and Tobias took his fancy.

Both ferrets made the journey with their new owner and we have just heard that they are settling well.


It's not all just bunny hugging - A Volunteer Evening at the GSPCA Animal Shelter Wednesdy 17th July at 6.30pm

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The GSPCA helps care for and rescue thousands of animals every year and without our wonderful volunteers we really couldn't do it.

From cleaning kennels to fundraising there are dozens of roles for volunteers to help the GSPCA and next Wednesday we have our second Volunteer Welcome and Induction Evening.

With the success of the first last month which drew a crowd of 18 new volunteers to the Shelter the second is planned for 6.30pm on the 17th July.


Thank you to The Best Of Guernsey for the Feature on the GSPCA

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We would like to extend a thank you to the team at The Best Of Guernsey for the feature of the GSPCA.

The page is full of information about the Shelter, what we do, our services, events and much more.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We are extremely grateful to the team at The Best Of Guernsey for the wonderful exposure on what is a hugely popular web site in the Bailiwick.'


If you see kittens at Icart Point please let the GSPCA know

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This week we have received a young kitten that was rescued out at Icart Point.

The GSPCA are concerned that there may be others and if you are out in the area and come across any please get in touch with the Shelter.

Tiger as he has been named was found extremely thin, no mother in site and full of worms, fleas and may not have survived if he had not been rescued.

This time of year kittens are often rescued and brought into the GSPCA and just this morning another feral was rescued and brought in from the Bouet area who is now named Molly.


Channel Island NGOs call on Island Governments to help prevent further mass seabird deaths

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In an unprecedented joint letter Channel Island Wildlife and Welfare organisations are calling on politicians representing the environment in the 3 main islands to lobby the UK parliament to help prevent future catastrophic discharges of the chemical polyisobutene (PIB). 


Gillette doing well and had his first swim today

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Today Gillette the Razorbill who was rescued and cared for in Alderney had his first swim after week of rehabilitation at the GSPCA Animal Shelter.

Alderney Animal Welfare  cared and washed him before arranging a flight to bring him over last week.