Guernsey Cows go to hospital to visit A&E - GSPCA called out to more cows on their adventures

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From visiting the GSPCA to now A&E we seem to have very inquisitive cows here in Guernsey.

Also a few weeks ago a herd decided to pop by the GSPCA Animal Shelter.

On Saturday night the GSPCA Animal Ambulance Warden was called out to a stop our ambulance rarely visits.

Sarah Harrison GSPCA team member and ambulance warden said “On Saturday we had one of our more unusual calls at around 10pm.”

“It’s not everyday our warden gets a call from the Joint Emergency Control Centre to say there are cows at A&E.”


What clever Guernsey cows - Stray cows hand themselves into the GSPCA

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Every day the GSPCA help lost and stray animals.

With the larger farm animals we are called out to help everything from escaped horses to sheep in the road, cows in gardens to pigs out and about and many more.

Mostly escaped farm or large animals lose are from fences coming down especially in windy weather or gates being left open.

This weekend though the GSPCA had a herd of cows hand themselves into the GSPCA.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We are very blessed to have very clever animals here in Guernsey.”


Keeping Livestock, our Wardens and road users safe

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Almost every day (and night) our ambulance staff and volunteer wardens are called out to animals, especially cows, sheep and horses that have escaped from their fields and are loose on the Island’s roads putting them in grave danger.

Working at night to contain animals can be very dangerous for our volunteers who have been known to spend 2-3 hours trying to identify and locate owners and then wake them from their slumber so we can get the animals to safety.


The GSPCA will be feeding back views on the Consultation Paper on Licensing of Tethering of Cattle, Goats and Horses

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With the current Consultation Paper on Licensing of Tethering of Cattle, Goats and Horses the GSPCA will be feeding back views on the document.

As an animal welfare organisation we believe that all animals should have the 5 Freedoms which are:


Today some Guernsey Cows popped by to visit the GSPCA team

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Every day the GSPCA have visitors in all sorts of shapes and sizes but the team had an extra big surprise when after lunch a local herd of cattle popped through the hedge into the Shelter grounds.

Fortunately, the team care for, rescue and work with all kinds of animals and after a quick radio the team worked together to ensure they made their way back home with their owner.

Anna Carre Senior Animal Care Assistant said 'Well what an unusual afternoon we've had today.'


Blizzard conditions highlight concerns for tethered Guernsey cattle

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Last week the GSPCA was inundated with calls of tethered cattle that were left out in the blizzard conditions.

Despite the awful weather, Shelter staff drove to many of the animals to check their condition and we reported our concerns to the owners.

With tethering of cattle being a legal practice within Guernsey the Shelter was unable to take any action other than passing our concerns to the owners of the animals.