World Snake Day and Kellogg is still at the GSPCA

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Today is World Snake Day a day to celebrate our legless reptile friends.

Every year the GSPCA helps snakes of various sizes and breeds and we currently have Kellogg the corn snake who has been with us for 18 days.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Today is World Snake Day and did you know there are no snakes indigenous to Guernsey the closest thing we have is the legless lizard which is the slow worm.”

“We do however have many owners of pet snakes and 18 days later we continue to appeal for information on anyone that have lost a corn snake near Vale Road.”


Chilli the snake is actually Lenny and is back in the arms of his owner

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We are pleased to announce that the owner of Chilli has been found.

Claire Mclarnon after seeing formerly named Chilli the Corn Snake in today's Guernsey Press has just called into the Animal Shelter in St Andrews to confirm Chilli is indeed Lenny.

Claire who whilst in the middle of moving discovered Lenny had escaped in transit nearly 3 weeks ago.

At 3 years of age Lenny has survived some of the coldest temperatures Guernsey has had in the last year and staff and volunteers at the Shelter were pleased to see how happy Lenny and Claire were to see each other.


Chilli wasn't what you would normally see on a winters beach in Guernsey

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Yesterday Ambulance Collection Officer had a very unusual call to collect what sounded like a stray snake on the beach.

The call came via the police after being spotted by some passers by walking along the front at Halfway in St Sampsons.

Geoff George attended to find a very cold stray corn snake.

Now named Chilli and in a warm vivarium at the GSPCA Animal Shelter we are appealing for the owner to come forward.

At around three feet long it is not possible to age Chilli but if you think this is your snake please call the Shelter on 01481 257261.