Lucky Pigeon Pandemic Survivors Vaccinated

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Over the past months the GSPCA has been called out to or had brought in over sick, injured or deceased 300 pigeons.

On the 9th February the GSPCA confirmed Paramyxovirus in the wild pigeon population which has been killing hundreds of birds since the start of 2021.

In fact of the 300 birds that the GSPCA has rescued or had brough to the Shelter very sadly only 17 have survived.


Sadly through #GSPCAPurpleWeek Pigeon Paramyxovirus continues to kill pigeons in Guernsey

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The GSPCA continues to help growing numbers of pigeons with Pigeon Paramyxovirus.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Since the 1st January the GSPCA can sadly confirm that Pigeon Paramyxovirus has killed over 100 pigeons in Guernsey and numbers continue to grow.”

“Every day and night the GSPCA are called out to very sick and injured pigeons and due to the terrible effects of the disease there is less than a one in ten chance we can help save those we are called out to.”


WARNING TO PIGEON AND POULTRY KEEPERS Pigeon Paramyxovirus confirmed in Guernsey

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Pigeon Paramyxovirus has been confirmed in Guernsey. This follows investigations by the States Veterinary Officers into the high numbers of diseased pigeons from St. Peter Port that have been hospitalised at the GSPCA.

Last week the GSPCA reported on the huge increase in deceased and sick pigeons especially from the St Peter Port area -


IMPORTANT MESSAGE from GSPCA as sharp increase in sick and injured pigeons

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Some love to see pigeons around Guernsey and others think of them as pests but regardless of your thoughts the GSPCA have seen a sharp incline of sick and injured pigeons especially in and around St Peter Port.

With worries of a number of bird diseases at this time of year from Avian Flu to Newcastle’s Disease the GSPCA have been monitoring the sick and injured birds that come into the care of the Shelter and since the start of 2021 we have seen 100% increase with sick pigeons many showing neurological symptoms.