Cold Weather Advice to help Animals in Guernsey from the GSPCA

Submitted by GSPCA on 11:31, 21st Nov, 2013 | 0

With cold weather on the way the GSPCA want pet owners to consider all the animals of Guernsey. During a cold snap the GSPCA are on full alert, ready to deal with a variety of animals affected by the low temperatures.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We have had a lovely Summer this year and many animals have done extrremely well in the wild but with this coming cold snap here at the GSPCA we are concerned for them, pets and other animals kept outside.'


Appeal for Autumn Cats looking for Autumn homes for Autumn reasons - and have you lost your cat?

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The GSPCA this Autumn is appealing for homes for some of our Autumn cats.

You may wonder what is an Autumn cat?  Well these are our golden oldies, those cats that are needing a quiet retirement home.


Seal Advice for the Bailiwick with the bad weather from the GSPCA

Submitted by GSPCA on 09:30, 5th Oct, 2012 | 0

Every Autumn the shores of the Bailiwick see Grey Seal pups being born and the GSPCA are issuing advice today on what to do especially with the rough weather that is due.

If anyone see's a pup with or without a mum we really do appreciate a call so that we are aware of its location and condition but here is some advice.

A healthy pup looks like a big, stuffed maggot without a neck. However, a thin pup looks sleek (but not bony) and has a visible neck, like a healthy dog.