BIGGEST APPEAL EVER - GSPCA BIG Build Appeal & Buy a Brick to build a brighter future for animals in Guernsey

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Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “The GSPCA is currently in the process of its BIGGEST Build in our history.

Not only is it our 150th year we are currently trying to ensure the future for the GSPCA.

Ahead of the Wildlife Hospital Build we are currently building a Small Animal, Reptile and Bird Unit, the first of its kind at the GSPCA and essential before we push forward to build the Wildlife Hospital as the buildings they are in currently will be and need to be removed due to their condition and age.


UPDATE On Starsky the Sark feral cat needing an operation

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Starsky is a feral cat from Sark who will soon be back home under the care on an islander but has needed a lot of TLC.

You can still donate to Starskys operation and others by going to

Here is an update from Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant at the GSPCA “Just an update on Starsky the feral cat from Sark.”


Easter Bunny Build Appeal – Please donate to help us build a small animal department

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The GSPCA desperately needs to build a Small Animal Department.

It recent years at the GSPCA we have seen a sharp increase in the numbers of rabbits, small animals, birds and reptiles in need of our help.
This Easter we are appealing for your help to build a Small Animal Department with our Easter Bunny Appeal.

Thankfully we have an area which was our on-site Charity Shop which moved into Smith Street meaning we have a section to develop.


Towels and Blanket Appeal at the GSPCA

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With nearly 500 animals in our care we are extremely busy at the GSPCA and are appealing for blankets and especially towels to help to provide them with bedding, to help with handling and drying off.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "We use hundreds of towels and blankets every day at the GSPCA and our 4 laundry machines are on around the clock."

"As towels and blankets are used they can get torn by the animals or for those used in isolation or quarantine areas may have to be disposed of for medical reasons."


Please donate to Ruby the cats life saving operation and care at the GSPCA

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Ruby a lovely black and white cat arrived at the GSPCA earlier this year.

She had a number of health issues on arrival and sadly as a stray no owner was found.

Many of the health issues are much better but her ears have caused her constant problems and it  now transpires that due to a growth she will need an operation to remove the lump and an ear canal.


Donate to poorly stray Pushkin's Cat Scan GSPCA Appeal

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Black and white this very poorly stray cat found in Fermain a week ago was rushed to the vets.

With multiple health issues ‘Pushkin’ as this lovely lad has been called is being treated for runny eyes to the more serious issue of a blood coming from his nose.

Pushkin is on treatment and is comfortable but requires a Cat or CT scan which will cost in excess of £900, not to mention the other care and possible operation he may need.


EXCITING NEWS GSPCA Relaunch the Wildlife Hospital Appeal can you help the future of the Bailiwicks wildlife

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In February 2019 the States of Guernsey Planning Department gave the approval for the plans for the proposed new Wildlife Hospital at the GSPCA, but sadly due to covid and the global pandemic the project was put on hold.

Nearly 3 years later the GSPCA are once again looking to the future for this much needed facility which is planned to replace a number of old buildings some which date back to the 1940’s.


APPEAL GSPCA Fridge and Freezer Appeal

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At the GSPCA we are in need of replacing two under table standard fridges and a standing standard fridge freezer.

These are used around site for storing animal feed and medications.

If you can help please call 01481 257261 or email [email protected]

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager “At the GSPCA we are often in need of items to help care for the 100’s of animals at the GSPCA and currently we are in need of two under table fridges and a standing standard size fridge freezer.2


HELP US INVESTIGATE CRUELTY WITH OUR ECO APPEAL for GSPCA Animal Welfare Electric Ambulance Van and Charging Point

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After 10 years of service, a wonderful vehicle that was sponsored by Carey Olsen has had to retire and we are appealing for funds or a donation of a GSPCA Animal Welfare Electric Ambulance Van and Charging Point.

The GSPCA are called out to and investigate over 2000 calls or incidents of concerns of animal welfare every year 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The GSPCA is striving to be as green as possible and we do our best for the environment and we would love to replace the retiring vehicle with a much more eco electric model and we are appealing for support.


Long Shredded Paper, Blanket and Towel Appeal at the GSPCA

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As Guernsey has gone through 7 weeks of our second lockdown many incoming donations have been affected, not just financially.

At the GSPCA we are currently appealing for long shredded paper for the hedgehog bedding and with over 140 in our care we have a lot to look after.

Normally with offices working and many in the work place we would have a great supply but with most people working from home we have not had our normal supplies and we are in need of long (not cross) shredded paper.