Good News as Ships are banned from discharging the pollutant PIB which has killed 1000's of British Birds in 2013

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The GSPCA are pleased to hear that the polluntant that killed and injured more than 4,000 birds, called polyisobutene (PIB) between Cornwall and Sussex, and on the Channel Islands can no longer be dumped at sea after a worldwide ban was agreed.

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has reclassified PIBs from 2014 which means ships will only be able to wash their tanks and dispose of all PIB residues while in port.

Another oiled bird at the GSPCA - What to do if you see any bird affected by oil

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Today the GSPCA received another oiled bird.  This time a Gull was rescued from Chouet and brought into the Animal Shelter.

Although it is not thought to be the PIB (polyisobutene) that has killed thousands of see birds along the south coast of England the GSPCA are on high alert in case of any outbreak.

You may remember only a number of weeks ago an oiled bird was found dead in Alderney due to PIB.  Here is some simple advice on what to do if you find sea life affected by this or any oiled substance -