States advertise first ever Animal Health & Welfare Officer as GSPCA continue into 151st year investigating animal cruelty

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On the 24th June the States of Guernsey announced their first ever Animal Health & Welfare Officer vacancy.

This is a new position in Guernsey and with eh closing date being the 5th July there is only a short window left to apply.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “The GSPCA has been investigating animal cruelty and welfare for over 151 years in Guernsey.”

“From illegally transported puppies to reptile cruelty sadly we do get involved with cruelty cases in Guernsey each year and investigate an average 1000 causes of concern each year.”


Improvements to Guernsey’s animal welfare legislation proposed

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The Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure has yesterday published proposals to provide better protections for wild and domesticated animals by strengthening Guernsey’s animal welfare legislation.

The proposed changes will modernise Guernsey’s legislation and fulfil the extant States’ Resolutions that were not covered immediately by the Animal Welfare (Guernsey) Ordinance in 2012.

Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez, President of the Committee, said:


Worst case of reptile starvation the GSPCA has seen results in the owner being banned

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Last October the GSPCA were involved in rescuing 4 reptiles some of which were so thin they were lucky to still be alive.

After months of care at the GSPCA the owner of the animals attended the Magistrates Court in St Peter Port yesterday.

The animals involved were 2 corn snakes, a royal python and a bearded dragon.  When they were rescued it was apparent that they hadn’t been cared for in some time due to the state of the enclosures which were extremely dirty and not appropriate for the animals due to the fittings and lack of provisions.


Can you help donate towards Betty's care - 2 months on and she is doing well

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Just over two months ago GSPCA Welfare Manager Lorna Prince was called to Les Eturs Veterinary practice to assess a dog that had been rushed into their care. Betty, a beautiful English Bull Terrier, had arrived at the surgery suffering with brain seizures, she couldn’t stand up, hold her head up and was blind. Betty was extremely malnourished and weighed less than a third of the weight a healthy English Bull at 13 kgs.


New Animal Welfare Law to come into effect on the 1st July 2014

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The first phase of the long awaited Animal Welfare (Guernsey) Ordinance 2012 will come into effect on 1st July 2014, replacing a number of pieces of legislation that have provided protection in the past.

The initial phase will introduce the new principle of a ‘duty of care’ to all animals.  This is based on the five freedoms which before now have been used as guidance for Welfare Charities but will now be a legal requirement of all pet owners. 

The five freedoms are: