Fishing lure embedded in a Guillemot at Petit Bot

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Yesterday afternoon the GSPCA were called to an injured guillemot at Petit Bot.

When GSPCA Ambulance Collection Officer Geoff George arrived he was faced with a very distressed and badly injured bird.

The guillemot had been caught with a floating fishing lure which had 3 sets of 3 hooks embedded in the back of the bird.

The lure had to be cut off and stitched which took place yesterday at Isabelle Vets.

The bird was then transported to the Shelter where he has been named Stitch and was placed in an intensive care unit over night. 


BIG FISH APPEAL - Please help support the many sick and injured seabirds and seals at the GSPCA

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At the GSPCA we have had the busiest start to a year with seals and seabirds than the team can remember.

Currently we have 14 guillemots, 1 gannet and 2 seal pups at the Animal Shelter.

As you can imagine they are eating a healthy amount of fish and we really need your support.

From sandeels to sprats, herring and mackerel each animal is eating large numbers to help with their recuperation.

You can donate online through our Just Giving Page, by calling 01481 257261, by post or by popping into the Shelter in St Andrews.


Gull training for GSPCA staff and volunteers - Thank you to Paul Veron

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Today Shelter staff and volunteers had the pleasure of a local expert in Gulls give a talk on their movements, the tracking of them and their behaviour.

Paul Veron who has been ringing birds since 1976 and has rung over 53,000 himself since starting has a wealth of knowledge that he shared with the GSPCA team before they started their work.

Paul talked primarily about the movements and ringing work of the Herring Gull, Black Back Gull and Lesser Back Gull all of which breed around the Bailiwick.


Oiled Alderney Razorbill Gillette is back in the wild after weeks of care

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On the 8th February this year the GSPCA received a Razorbill from Alderney which had been affected by crude oil.

Staff at Alderney Animal Welfare had cared for the bird and done a wonderful job removing the crude oil from the its feathers after being found on the coast of Alderney. If it hadn't been for their staff this bird would certainly have perished.


'Refined mineral oils' blamed for bird contamination - If you see any around the Bailiwick please let the GSPCA know

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On Thursday of last week the start of what has turned out to be over a hundred sea birds being affected by what is blamed to be refined mineral oils.

From Cornwall to Sussex much of the English South Coast has been affected and the GSPCA are asking walkers and those using the coast line to be vigilant in case any birds or wildlife are in need of help.

Many organisations have been involved from the Environment Agency to the RSPCA in the UK.  In fact the RSPCA have already rescued over 100 birds which have been taken to their Wildlife Hospital West Hatch in Somerset.


Look who's checking out the Christmas Lottery Tickets on sale at the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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This Tuesday staff saw a very unusual site.

Geoff George the GSPCA Animal Collection Officer whilst going about his duties watched as a cormorant flew down and landed on the Christmas Lottery Ticket poster at the Shelter.  Is this a sign of good luck?  We don't know but tickets are selling well and are available at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, so if you are passing please pop in.